Umm wow guys. You got us to #1 best selling book in Exercise & Fitness and #9 for overall books on Amazon!! I did not expect this at all! The power of the POPster is unmatched. 💪 GO TEAM!! #hotbodybook #blogilates

I just want to put it out there, however embarrassing it always is to use these words as an adult, that I am very in favor of shipping Scott McCall with Jane Villaneuva.   

I would also like to point out that because Teen Wolf does its own variation on the Pretty Little Liars time compression thing, they are, in 2015, the same age.

And considering that American Sniper has made a gabillion dollars and has an Oscar nomination and there are dozens of best selling books about unpleasant white men,  I just want you guys to let me have this:  Let me have seven-episodes-and-a-movie of Scott and Jane running their innovative Elderly Golden Retriever Sanctuary and Kindergarten Classroom.   Occasionally Will Graham comes to visit them.    Also, the Dalai Lama and the Pope periodically stop by for advice on tricky moral issues. 


Michael Jackson - Guiness Book of World Records (1984)

"I’ve always wanted to do great things and achieve many things, but for the first time in my entire career, I feel like I have accomplished something because I’m in The Guinness Book of Records" -Michael Jackson


An encyclopedia of how keys, scissors, pianos, telescopes, self-winding watches, and hundreds of other things work

The New Way Things Work
by David Macaulay 
HMH Books
1998, 400 pages, 8.5 x 10.9 x 0.9 inches
$22 Buy a copy on Amazon

The New Way Things Work, published in 1998, was an updated version of the original 1988 The Way Things Work edition. Although technically not “new” anymore, this wonderfully illustrated encyclopedia of how things work is as captivating now as it was almost two decades ago. David Macaulay, the best-selling author of many books including Cathedral and Built to Last, explains how pulleys, levers, gears, springs, batteries, electricity, and nuclear power work. With fun graphics and diagrams he dissects and explains scissors, can openers, pianos, bar codes, self-winding watches, metal detectors, keys, screws, telescopes, airplanes, and hundreds of other things we use every day. Although intended for teens, this is a great reference book for any tech newbie who needs an introduction to the workings of our mechanical world. – Carla Sinclair

January 29, 2015

"Harry Potter" books among best selling products of all time

We all know how much of a worldwide phenomenon Harry Potter has become over the years since the very first book was published. Now, in a list featured on USA Today, it has been revealed that the book series has been included in the best selling products of all time! Check here to see at what number.

When the Streamys asked me to say a few words about Joan Rivers, I thought “Even Joan would think that was fucking depressing, I’m taking some champagne and it’s gonna be a toast.” Joan Rivers had the biggest balls in entertainment. And I speak with confidence, because I have seen most of them. But, despite having 50 years in the entertainment industry, one of the top shows on E! right now, best selling books, sold out tours, at the age of 79, Joan decided she wanted to make a YouTube channel and started the show In Bed With Joan. Not only that, but she invited YouTubers, a lot of people here tonight, into bed with her. At 81 years old, Joan was collabing weekly. One of Joan’s greatest traits was to make everyone else feel super fucking lazy. She was a woman with no sensor. She was brash, crass, hilarious, and outspoken. And we all know the internet is a great place for that. When I got into bed with Joan, I asked her “Do you wanna be called a comedian or comedianne? What do you wanna be remembered as?” and she said “I wanna be remembered as a funny person.” I’m sorry, Joan, you will not be remembered as a funny person. You will be remembered as the funniest person, and I for one will miss the shit out of you. 

- Mamrie Hart’s toast to Joan Rivers, Streamy Awards 2014

"Writing is a form of prayer; writing is a voyage of discovery; writing is to bear witness." - Tsering Woeser

Twelve years ago this month, Tsering Woeser’s best-selling book Notes on Tibet was banned in China. In mainland China, Woeser’s two blogs have been shut down, she is unemployed, and her movements are sometimes restricted. Yet Woeser continues to write from a small Beijing apartment, where she posts poetry and essays on Tibetan culture and the political situation on the Internet. She has become widely known as one of China’s most respected writers on Tibet.