Sooooo, I got one of those crazy OkCupid messages that people are always talking about. "It seems like you have a great personality and you are funny and pretty, the only thing you need is a new body."

At first, I admit, I was every so slightly annoyed. Not mad, not even upset, as those types of things only hold merit if you believe them to be true. (If someone tells me that my skin is blue, I’m not going to get offended because that’s clearly false, and it’s also just a ridiculous thing to say.) I was really just surprised that he would have the audacity to say such a thing to someone else.

But then I remembered that I’ve seen his Plenty of Fish profile, and his interests section includes the following: Neo Nazism, Swasitka, Ku Klux Klan, Freemasons, The Illuminati and Pornography. (Who actually lists porn as in interest? Seriously? Is that a real hobby?)

My point in posting this is the first place, was to remind you that you’re fab, even when people are shitty. Idiot assholes don’t seem to be going away, but at least you know that when you hear from one, you’re in good, really, really hot company.