I like so much the way Slytherins and Hufflepuffs complete each other

Hufflepuffs are so open in their affections and solidarity that they could end up being naive so Slytherins are there to read between lines and keep people from abusing their kindness

Slytherins tend to be the kind to think that the end justifies the means so Hufflepuffs keep them from doing things they might regret and remind them that they should not only act for themselves because their actions have repercussions

Slytherins tend to isolate themselves because they don’t trust people and people think that they are inherently bad but Hufflepuffs don’t really care about what house people are in and are the perfect people to bring Slytherins out of their shells and keep them from becoming isolated

Hufflepuffs are overachievers so it’s probably necessary that from time to time a Slytherin comes over and yells at them to eat and sleep and fucking rest goddamnit

Just… Slytherpuff man

jackelzxa asked:

How happy are you that 2bf are playing SA1?

I’ve watched enough Zaibatsu videos to know how they react to Sonic. And I’ve kind of talked about this before, about how the internet in general reacts to Sonic, and how I avoid that.

Because, it’s like… it’s fair, but it’s unfair, right? Sonic games got really bad! Really, really, really bad! So I can’t blame anyone for being mad at Sonic games and thinking the franchise isn’t any good.

But I also feel like so many people go a little too far, I guess? Sonic’s kind of become this whipping boy. He continues to stick around, he continues to stay in the public eye, so there’s a lot of things that get said that are super uncalled for. Nobody gives Sonic a chance anymore, and almost avoid focusing on positive things just so they can point out the darker corners of the Sonic fandom. So they harp on Sonichu, or that GFW Radio bit on that girl who wanted to marry Sonic, or whatever else.

And that stuff makes me feel really bad, not just for the people they’re talking about, but bad for myself. I’m still a Sonic fan. I’m technically a part of that, however tangential. 

And it gets very tiring, and very depressing, and eventually, very annoying. They aren’t talking about me directly, but it kind of feels like they are.

That’s on me, I guess. Those are my insecurities. But there’s no magic off switch for those kinds of feelings. Plus, it just gets kind of boring after a while, you know? You hear the same “jokes”, over and over and over again.

As a fan of the Zaibatsu, I will watch it, but I don’t expect I will enjoy it, and I’m not really looking forward to it.