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what did you think of the finale i LOVED IT, im so excited about season 5 even though the last half of season 4 has been so disappointing and filler.

Overall underwhelming.

Not as good as ‘Asylum’ for sure, I feel they could have spliced the 15 good minutes of this episode and stuck it in last weeks episode and that would have been a more worthy finale.

The finale was epic in places surrounded with pointless/nobody cares characters/storylines. A testament to how up and down this season as a whole has been in terms of quality. The best episodes/moments ever created by this show surrounded by utter filler. The finale pretty much followed in the same fashion. My opinion is swayed more to the negative side because I was spoiled by the usual pre-episode media interviews on the biggest episode moment (Finch/The Machine) and also because I feel that the machine being compressed into the briefcase was simply too damn obvious. In fact it was so obvious the fandom (myself included) were coming up with other more elaborate theories simply because nobody believed the answer would be that obvious, but sadly it was. Even the episode title YHWY suggested a mergence of sorts and again none of the implied theories came to fruition. The people that we expected to die in the finale died, everything we expected to happen to the machine happened, everyone that we expected to live lived. Everything ran far too smoothly and predictably despite how bleak the situation team machine are in, nothing really gave me pause. There were no big reveals or interesting new insights (save for the machines location reveal), there were no plot twists or surprising deaths. For a finale it was just too tame.

I still don’t understand all the Reese death foreshadowing for the past half a season (and again so blatantly in this episode), now don’t get me wrong I don’t want Reese (or any of the main characters) to die but I felt like they were building up to something and then it turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. I wanted it all to lead up to SOMETHING, again another thing that was so heavily implied but came to nothing. Reese and Fusco done nothing this episode (you could argue their characters have not done much at all this entire season and seem to be bystanders at this point). Oh by the way Iris/Reese? Zero chemistry. I really don’t understand why this ever happened/is still happening. 

Even the usual MVP Root did absolutely nothing in the finale other than offer witty lines, which would be fine if the other characters were doing anything significant by they weren’t. The only good players in this finale were Control, Finch/The Machine. The rest were, ironically, irrelevant.

I think what happened this season is that with Sarah’s premature exit they focused so much on her send off that after 4x13 it was kind of like ‘now what?’. I think the writers were already looking to season 5 in terms of both shaw and the overall AI arc that they lost track of the bridge between where we were at and where they wanted to quickly get to (season 5). Hell, Nolan said in the post-episode TVLine interview they do not want and are not planning for season 5 to be the final season. So I think they perhaps got a little too excited/forward-thinking in their overall plan for the future of POI that the back end of season 4 as a result kind of just got neglected, and ergo as did some of the characters.

The powers that be said in the run up to 4x11 that we were to effectively consider that episode the season finale, Amy herself said it was the ultimate episode of the season. So whilst YHWH didn’t have the usual twist and turns of a finale it felt more like a set up for what’s to come (and it was similar to the S3 finale in many ways).

They had probably spent months storyboarding season 4 as they do every season and to find out on the first week of filming which is essentially the last phase (or second last to editing the episodes together) of making a show that Sarah was expecting obviously had an impact this season, and I do believe a lot of the bouts in quality/disjointed pace had to with them having to take some stuff out and improvise with what they had, hence why after the mid season the show felt like it lost it’s way a little. It’s not ALL on that of course, certainly there have been questionable writing/creative decisions but I feel their hands were tied in places and the fact they managed to scrape together episodes like 418, 420 and 421 was still impressive in of itself.

Overall The finale was good, probably a B+, but not the same standard we’re used to from this show, and it was only the last 15 minutes that truly felt finale worthy, the rest was just tying up storylines nobody cared about to begin with (that in itself is also good, they killed both Elias and Dominic, which not only means that storyline is over but I don’t think we’ll ever be seeing a similar storyline on POI ever again, it’s main AI plot from now on, so in effect this season finale HAD to deal with the boring stuff if only to wrap it up).

What really gets me excited, and after this moaning I’ll end on a positive - is what the finale now means for the show - Person Of Interest for the foreseeable future, maybe for the rest of its duration now will no longer be a procedural in any way, there will be no ‘number of the week’ formula, this show is going all in with the AI plot. So in that regard the S4 finale is definitely the most game changing, even if it doesn’t seem like it at face value.

The prank

Harry: “So all we gonna do is gonna get one of these two guys to go and hide when Tom’s gets here”

A few minutes later…

Harry: “I think we should tell eachother ghost stories, google ghost stories and read them out, ok I googled  ‘murder on a barge:man charged with murder of a couple stabbed to death on canal boat’..”

Tom: It would be scary, to get killed on a barge..”

“It’s so weird being seperated from John, every single moment I’m always thinking “What’s John doing? Where’s John? Why isn’t John out here? Could John be thinking what I’m thinking? Cause John’s hair is cooler than my hair.” Omg, guess what, okay. This morning I couldn’t do my hair, all the electrical appliances was in the bedroom and we were sleeping outside. That’s why my hair is flat people, that’s why it flat. Not because I chose to have it flat.

I never spent this much time being separated from John, it’s so weird now I’ve actually have to talk to people and think about their feelings. And try to listen to them when all I’m thinking about is John and what’s he’s doing. I’m actually like..and sometimes people think that I’m messing with them going “yeah, yeah” when I’m actually I’m real serious trying to listen to what they have to say and act like as if I’m wanna know what they say. But then I’m like whatever, who cares John’s not here.

We are like this ultimate force, without John, I’m nothing. I’m just a one person, I’m not twins with John. I always have John there to support me if anyone have anything bad to say to me, John will go in and say “hey you” and punch them or whatever he wants to do. Or I’m the same with John. It’s really weird being on your own cause you know all the eyes are on you. And usally when John there with me, it’s not that weird feeling cause you think they are all looking at John. The same way when you are at stage, when John’s there I never thing about people looking at me, I think they’ll be looking at John. But they are looking at me, but I don’t realise they are looking at me cause John’s there to support me. That’s real good.”

- Edward missing John. (Celebrity Big Brother 2011)

Here it is: Dom’s drumstick from the Sacramento concert.

So I made this sign and brought it to the concert. At the end of Survival Dom came out and gave the first drumstick out then looked over to our side and I yelled “Dom! Dom!” while holding up my sign. (Apparently I was shown on the Pyramid!) He saw me and smiled, came closer and said “Yeah?”, I was so shocked I just smiled and nodded. He bent over and reached his hand out and I did the same. He raised his eyebrows and my hand touched his while grabbing the drumstick. After I got it, I was shaking so much, I didn’t even hear Dom saying goodnight. Basically  the best moment of my entire life.