The zodiac as Kaiba quotes

Aries: YUGI LOST??!! Yugi gave up his King of Games crown to some nobody?! NOBODY DESERVES THAT TITLE BUT ME!!!!

Taurus: It’s not like I’m doing this to help you and your friends or anything!

Gemini:  I’ll bring you down to your knees before this audience!

Cancer: Stop saving the world and get a hobby!

Leo: Now! It is time to go duelists! I give you permission to step into my fortress of pride!


Libra: Nice outfit, dork.

Scorpio: Filthy animals! I hope that you get eaten by fish that live on rich food!!

Sagittarius: If you’re gonna kill me, kill me with cards!

Capricorn: HA HA HA HA HA

Aquarius: Please tell me that story time is over, I’d like to duel.

Pisces:  Exodia? It-it’s not possible! No one’s ever been able to summon HIM!

tabletennishotaru asked:

Mina, 19

19) When they feel safest

Mina, as leader, was always on edge. She was good at covering it, mind you, but always watching, always waiting. 

It wasn’t until she was sitting in a park, years after, drinking coffee on a bench while Haruka tried to get her littlest into her coat, her older daughter already running toward the swingset, that Mina realized she hadn’t been on the lookout for danger. Hadn’t worried about something coming up behind them. Had really only worried about whether or not the coffee shop still had sticky pecan rolls. 

And it hit her, a feeling she hadn’t had since was 14. 

She was safe. 

Everything was fine. 

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Nedxcat for the two ship memes? Thanks :)

Omg this ship! my sweet babes, my wolf and my trout babes! yesss I dooo *cries for joy* I’ve been waiting for this moment so long!

To be honest, I did the two memes before but I didn’t realise I did it wrong because I did select those song intentionally not random. So I hope you don’t mind me doing so again 😍

P.S. I decided to put a link on them in case if you want to listen :)

The soundtrack meme

Opening credits: Nocturne of Amestris - Akira Senju

Meeting for the first time: Domestic Pressures - Jóhann Jóhannsson

Hey, I kinda like you: If I could see you again - Yiruma

I’m going to kiss you now: Forces of Attraction - Jóhann Jóhannsson

Falling in love: The ludlows - James Horner

Your place or mine: Inside of me - Yiruma

Naked in bed: Moonlight - Yiruma

First fight: Fear & Suspicion - Alexandre Desplat

Maybe we should take a break: Song from a secret garden - Secret Garden

I want you back: Lost memory - S.E.N.S

Will you marry me: The Wedding - Jóhann Jóhannsson

First child:   A new family - Patrick Doyle

We’re getting older: Naze - S.E.N.S

If you die I’ll go with you: Sad romance - Ji PyeongKyeon

End credits: In my life - Kevin Kern

The who meme

Who cries when someone dies in a movie:

Ned! Because he’s a warm person, he’s kind and he’s a family man. He always avoids watching those kinds of movie because they’re so damn good at hurting his soft heart, they remind him of the good old days when his parents, Brandon and Lyanna were alive. 

He seems to prefer romantic-comedy movie, especially when he watches it with Sansa or Cat, and every time he’ll be like “Look at that scene, Cat! we used to kiss under the rain like them when we were young, right? See? children, your parents used to do that too!! and I was far better kisser than that young man!! don’t believe me just watch” then he turns to kiss Cat (and the wolf pups are like… “ugh, dad!”).  

Who wears the ugly holiday garb:

Mostly Cat (but they’re Ned’s old shirts). She often wears them on holiday when she has to do the household.

Who pays for the meals:

Cat. Because Ned gives her every penny, he lets her manage their money and hold his wallet.

Who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone:

Ned plays the trombone! he isn’t good at dancing but at least he can play some music instruments. He and the boys love to do such thing although Cat thinks that it’s silly and it might break the oven *Catelyn aka mrs. side-eye*

Who brings home stray animals:

NED STARK! Their house is like a nursery of stray animals! 6 dogs, 2 cats, a bird, a turtle, a hamster! 

Who leaves the bathroom door open:

Ned (because he wants Cat to hear him when he sings. it sometimes means he invites her to join him 😏)

Who tells the ‘dad jokes’:

Neeeedddd! He may have a solemn face but he always wants to make his children happy. Yes, it’s a dad joke and it might be boring but at least he can make Cat smiles quietly ;) 

Who wants kids more:

Both of them! 6 kids aren’t enough, huh? 7 days a week, 7 colours of the rainbow, so 7 kids for the Stark family?

Who travels more:

Ned, mostly for work. He doesn’t like it much because he has to leave home for days, sometimes for weeks, he hates the idea of leaving his beloved family at home and he can’t see his wife’s beautiful face in person. Skype or FaceTime can only let him talk to them but he can’t hug them or feel the warmth of Cat’s touch.

Who spends more cash:

Of course, it’s Cat. Ned trusts her and lets her manage their money, so she’s the one who pays the bills, buys food and appliance. She spends most of money on their children’s education.

Who buys the things in infomercials:

Mostly Ned. He travels more, so when he finished an important meeting or his work in foreign country, he has never forgotten to buy a souvenir for his family.

Who draws in the dust on their cars:

None of them. It rarely happens because Cat won’t let the cars get dirty. Perhaps Ned teaches Rickon to draw on snow?

Who starts the snowball fights:

Ned because winter is coming. But sadly, Cat always wins! (I can say she has a good team! because Robb and Jon always have sided with their mommy!)

Who throws away the directions to things:

Depends on the situation.

Who puts up holiday decor:

They love to decorate their house together, it’s such a joy for them. They also love to go to Ikea and another furniture stores together. It feels like the first 2 years of their marriage, the first 2 years they saved money insanely to buy a beautiful big house for their unborn baby.

Who is more likely to forget to bathe:

Ned. Sometimes it’s quite tired after spending a full day working or travelling a long flight.

Who gets more obsessed about things:

Ned. Everyone knows he’s obsessed with soccer and his favourite team!

Who sings in the shower more often:

Ned. He knows he can’t sing but he loves to annoy Cat and sings for her especially when he feels overjoyed. If Cat pretends like she doesn’t hear, he’ll sing louder and louder till Cat can’t help but laugh!