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Let me tell you a story about what love is.

This is my best friend, Maya.

She is 7 years old and was born into a litter of 5 pups. My family and I decided to keep Maya out of the five. Her mother, Bronze, was my first dog; she is thirteen years old now and as strong as an ox.

But, about four years ago, Bronze got sick with Pyometra which is an infection in the womb. We had no idea until Bronze began to bleed profusely. She was dying.
The vet urged us to rush her into surgery straight away.
The following hours where the worst and longest of my life.

The surgery was a success and we brought Bronze back home wrapped up in a blanket, trying to keep her warm. This was a major surgery and we were warned that she would need to be kept warm all through the night since she had to recover from the anesthetic.
I decided to stay up and keep an eye on her.

Now Maya loves sleep beyond anyone’s comprehension but, that night, she sat by her mother and did not leave her side. All through the night she would sniff around Bronze, she’d whine for her to wake up, she’d prod her with her paw. She did not eat, sleep or move an inch away from Bronze until she got up.

After that trauma, Maya would make sure she had water and food at all times by sitting by the bowls and giving us a bark or two. She would wait until her mother had her share before having hers. She was abnormally gentle around Bronze and would walk right by her side.

When Bronze gets up, Maya gets up. She is, literally, her shadow to this very day.

They spend every waking moment together and would be lost without each other.

Bronze is Maya’s treasure.

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