"hey guys how are we gonna get them to destroy that canon as big as russia"



"fucking kirby"


Masafumi Takada - Russian Roulette



Had someone comment on my Noble People gif set that they didn’t like that Duncan was included. Summer child, you didn’t pay attention to all the things that man did for the “greater good”.

idk why everybody uses the first hotel mario cutscene for youtube poops when the best cutscene is obviously the toaster one

The holidays are long over and I still didn’t know what icon to change to so I’m back to glorious best cutscene in dr rpg Togami


30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 16: Game With the Best Cutscenes - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare/ Mass Effect series

Best is a broad term. I wasn’t sure if the challenge meant best as in “the best you’ve seen and liked”, or best as in, “the ones that you actually enjoyed watching regardless of definition”. So CoD:AW fits the first one for me, and the Mass Effect series have, by far, the absolute best cutscenes in any game I’ve played. They’ve felt like a movie because they’re usually very well designed and written.