Brandon Saad and Jonathan Toews talk to the media on 6/20/13

I love this interview.

Not because either Saad or Tazer says anything super interesting (although the parts where Tazer talks about Seabs are top-notch, and the nicknames made both of them smile), but because the captain/rookie dynamic is SO CLEAR between them - you don’t see it much on the ice, since Saader plays like a champ and not a rookie, but it’s pretty emphatically in your face here.

The way Saad’s constantly watching as Tazer talks - if you follow these interviews often enough, you’ll notice that the players actually rarely look at each other when addressing the press, but Saad’s eyes just always eventually swing back towards Tazer - and the way Tazer always, always prompts him to speak when they’re given a question directed towards both of them, like GO AHEAD YOU’RE ALLOWED, ughhh my heart.

This Captain-Rookie combo slays me dead every time.

(…I’m not the only one who sees this, right? RIGHT??)