Best Man, Chapter 2


“I don’t just kiss people for fun, Peeta.”  I tell him, taking a long sip of my wine, while attempting to convey my superiority by squaring my shoulders and narrowing my eyes.  It’d be easier to do if he didn’t look so good right now—casually reaching for his own glass of wine, comfortable and relaxed in the late evening glow of summer sun.  So I look past him, unable to meet his gaze, instead taking in the hues of red and orange and wisps of white in the sky behind him.  And I breathe in the breeze that comes with the warm scents of summer while attempting to ignore that tension that hangs in the air along with the smell of cut grass and fresh flowers.  All while trying not to think too much about what the something else Peeta thought was.

I hear Peeta chuckle, and he sips his drink before putting it back down on the table, leaning back into me and requiring my attention again.

“Why do you kiss people then?” he asks.  “Because I’d hate to be the guy who you don’t kiss for fun.”


Chapter 2 is now up on AO3 and FFN.  :)

okay Okay OKAY, 44-year-old Morris Chestnut, fine. You’ve convinced me: I’ll get back in the gym, dude. You’ve made your point: you can make a movie in 1999 then come back like 14 years later and be in even better shape than you were last time, when you were 30 or so. I’m not a hater so I don’t hate, I congratulate, and where appropriate, emulate.

But for real, everybody in this movie looks as good or better than they did in the first one. Nia Long went to the Phylicia Rashad school of How To Stay Fine Forever and Ever Amen. She just had a baby not too long ago, too. Ooooooh, kill em’!

Fun fact about me

When i was 10 i walked up to a girl at the mall and told her she’d be a good girlfriend for my brother. I was rite they wound up getting married. But for their engagement my brother took us to the same mall, i walked up to her and told her i thought she’d be a great wife for my brother. So im pretty much a match maker