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The signs as friends
  • Aries:SUPER-FEMINIST, don't even mention women in the kitchen unless you want a slap
  • Taurus:Buys you food. BEST FRIEND EVER!
  • Gemini:Love-Hate friendship. Some days they're super cool, some days you have to ignore them so you don't cry
  • Cancer:Copies you. Has a crush on your crush, watches the shows you watch, befriends your friends and likes the music you've liked for years
  • Leo:Always drags you out of the house for exercise, but makes it really fun
  • Virgo:Always wants to go shopping with you and tries to get you to buy all these expensive clothes that "would look good on you"
  • Libra:Deep conversations about the world and it's problems will undoubtedly happen when you're friends with a Libra
  • Scorpio:Tells you how it is and what you're doing that's annoying. Can be really overbearing and likes to have the attention on them.
  • Sagittarius:Never wants to hang out because staying at home with internet is funner than anything else. But will always invite you over if you want to do something
  • Capricorn:Talks shit about everyone with you. Your shade buddy
  • Aquarius:Always talks about going on super fun holidays or the concerts they're excited for. Keeps the enthusiasm on life high
  • Pisces:Binge watches TV shows with you and lets you eat all their junk food

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So there is this guy... I really like him and he's always there for me trying to make things better but I can't date him because my best friend likes him... What do I do ? 💔

i think its better to choose your best friend over a guy. whoever you like i don’t think they can ever replace a friendship best friends can have.

like my best friend, i wouldn’t trade her for anything(except the arctic monkeys concert ticket) everysecondsliketorture i love you 

tell me about your crush on anon

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I'm an Aquarius and the best friendship I've ever had (she's still one of my closest friends) is with a Pisces. She's all I need in life amen haha

Awwh pisces make great friends😊

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What about Aquarius/Sagittarius in a romantic relationship & friendship?

best friends forever and ever, i would kill to have an aqua/sag friend tag team

So probably one of my best friends I ever had in high school, had to move away during the summer of last year. While she was at my school though, I’d always make sure she was the first to sign my yearbook, I didn’t want that tradition to change this year either, so I told her text me what she would’ve written, if she was still here, and shortly after, sent her this photo. :)

i have come to terms to stop worrying about the friendship with my best friend of 8 years…ever since she met her boyfriend months ago, she has stopped hitting me up and the few times we’ve hung out has been because it’s always me who has been asking and it’s been feeling very one sided for a long time and for so long i worry about how we haven’t been close as we used to but i’m learning that some friendships just fall out…i’m sure she’s not even aware at how i’ve been feeling about this but i give up and this post sounds so childish but having a big heart is so exhausting

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Dear best friend

Dear best friend,
Words can’t even begin to explain how much I love you
You’re beautiful and kind and a total nerd
And we’ve known each other for practically ten years like holy shit
And I know we both get on each others nerves but that’s what a friendship is you know
(Even tho your mom totally hates me)
But I just
I love you so so much and I hope our friendship never ever ends
(Ps dear internet best friend
You fucking rock I love you to bits and I can’t wait to maybe finally meet you next year
Best sixteenth bday present yo)


First of all, i joined the seminar to be one of the member of the lector :) this would be the 2nd to the last day of seminar :)) i met new friends, just for 1 day :)) if it wasnt by the groupings ill never meet new friends, but gladly it happend. i met different members of the organization :> majority i met choir members :) i thought they were rascal but i was wrong, they werent. they were soo kind! :> oh well best day ever! ;) after the seminar i never thought they were  Wafturing on me and doing the high five :D i was soo happy <3

My best friend and I have been drifting apart ever since we switched schools.
Anyways, ever since the school year started, she’s been behaving really rudely to me, and the thing is, I hate fighting so I always let it slide even if I ask her to stop.
But honestly, I am so sick of this.
It seems every time she wanna talk, she wanna fight.
Is it better to stick up for yourself or avoid the imminent fight?😔
I would immensely appreciate advice.