best boyfriend award

Best boyfriend award goes to my baby❤️ Shows up this late with food in his hand as I curl up ready for bed. Woohoo love you my cracker.


taylorswift So my boyfriend is an Electrical Engineer and he is SO EXCITED to make my light up poster/outfit. He’s such a nerd when it comes to all that, he doesn’t just buy  battery operated lights, he wires them all together from scratch using a soldering iron and a bunch of other engineering stuff.

For this tour, he’s like “Tell me exactly how you want everything to light up and I can make it come to life” and it makes me so happy seeing him be so excited to make something for your show!! These pictures are from 2013 when he made my poster for the Red Tour, I can’t wait for you to see what we will come up with this year :)

Shag the guy who sends you a sweet good morning text. The guy who buys you a dress for the date he planned later in that afternoon. The guy who takes you to the aquarium and kisses your forehead while you freak oUT OVER THE BABY STINGRAY. The guy who buys you the little trinkets you say you like. The guy who lets you use him as a pillow and runs his fingers through your hair. The guy who holds the door open like a gentleman and smacks that ass when you walk in. Shag that guy.


Things my boyfriend has bought me on the past three months part 1

Includes: Mortal Kombat X, my Easter basket(full of little piggies and candy), fruit tray, strawberries, Hershey spread, Cinderella book, Seeker book, The ruby circle book, the giver DVD, chips(cheese dip), a giant giraffe, and the darkest part of the woods book.