This is my new besome. I felt like there was something I needed to buy at the Salvation Army store. I looked and looked at all the nicnacks. I felt like I had to go on…then I went around a corner and there it was sitting on the floor. I have been wanting one of these for awhile…it was only a dollar. I thought it was missing a bow in the front so I went to look at their ribbon section and found a readymade bow sitting there for 25 cents. As you can see, it works. This is an awesome besome for $1.25!!!

boy: so what are u wearing ? :)

me: The suit I wear today is from Alan Flusser. It’s an eighties drape suit, which is an updated version of the thirties style. The favored version has extended natural shoulders, a full chest and a bladed back. The soft-rolled lapels should be about four inches wide with the peak finishing three quarters of the way across the shoulders. Properly used on double-breasted suits, peaked lapels are considered more elegant than notched ones. Low-slung pockets have a flapped double besom design—above the flap there’s a slit trimmed on either side with a flat narrow strip of cloth. Four buttons form a low-slung square; above it, about where the lapels cross, there are two more buttons. The trousers are deeply pleated and cut full in order to continue the flow of the wide jacket. An extended waist is cut slightly higher in the front. Tabs make the suspenders fit well at the center back. The tie is a dotted silk design by Valentino Couture. The shoes are crocodile loafers by A. Testoni.

soggynapkin asked:

quick question! can i make a small, hand-held sweeper besom instead of a large broom one?? would it still be useable in rituals?? and would one made of pine and pinestraw be okay?? sorry if this has been asked before. i'm trying to hand-make or buy cheap for most of my stuff.

Hello there friend.

A hand-held besom is definitely usable in rituals and pine is perfect for it, as it promotes purification. Making your own equipment is a wonderful thing to do.

With luck in all your rituals, Magpie.

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