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So, I met Frank Iero at a signing in Nottingham today and I’ve had lots of MCR feels and lots of cellabration feels but I’ve not had a lot of FRANK feels (besides the obvious “wow he’s so small and precious, what an angel” feels that come from knowing he exists), but I sure have them now.

I’m always kinda worried that I’ll meet famous people and they’ll either be dicks or indifferent but wow, he was a ridiculous sweetheart and looked so genuinely interested in me and everyone else being there and wow

He wasn’t doing pictures, but they weren’t bothered about people taking pictures of getting stuff signed so my-thoughts-your-dash took a bunch of pictures and pretty much captured the whole thing. I didn’t even realize how much Frank was smiling until I saw the pictures :3

The first is him shaking my hand initially, me saying “hey my name’s betty”. The second, I’m pretty sure was me being hella earnest and saying “thanks for putting words to the shit in my head” and he was like “aww no problem.” Then I was like “I have something for you, if that’s cool” and he was looking at it. It was a pug tea infuser. His response was “that’ll come in handy” and then he thanked me and shook my hand again. His face in the second handshake is hella different from the first <3

I pretty much ran away afterwards and was shaking slightly, because I’m the biggest nerd in nerd town. Meeting someone who’s made important shit for you for like 10 years is a lot, like so much. Gonna be going through frank tags and probably having a bunch of frank feels for a while, or from now on. These pictures make me super happy - I was too enraptured to remember to turn around so my face could actually be in one :P


y’all do know that when ppl say “i think i might have [insert mental illness here] because x, y and z” they dont mean “I HAVE THIS MENTAL ILLNESS IM RIGHT AND EVERY PSYCHIATRIST IS WRONG BC I SAY SO” like do you guys know that or do you just pretend to read what you wanna read… 

when kevin has the best position in the house right now


I could not explain the tremendous hollowness and grief going through all the tags trying to find the perfect gifs for this particular post, I have done that at the Faculty’s computer room actually, and my friends sitting beside me asked if I was okay because she noticed me gasping with one hand on the chest as if I was in the physical pain…so yeah…

Day 23: A Scene Which Make You Cry

Though he has done a lot of great works; giving everything he’s got to make those characters come to life, from all the long-list throughout his entire career, there is only one particular character who has managed to make me cry endlessly…and dare I say I still haven’t got over him.

But First I wanted to talk about other characters, I may not weep for their fates but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t move me in a significant level….

Guy of Gisbourne… For me Guy was never a villain, maybe because I have always fascinated by villains and the “nice guy who loves the heroine and always be there for her even though he knows she is destined to be with the hero” ( I don’t believe the American or European have this kind of similar concept that we have here in my country, I know that sometimes Japanese or Korean do entertain the idea in their series or movies, but it is something prominent in my country really, like almost every book or film). I view Guy to be an Anti-Hero, misunderstood a bit, He was mean and vile of course, but he had his reason. I sympathise with Guy; it pains me to see Marian using him throughout the entire series. But his death didn’t make me cry, it was noble, it was almost mercy for him giving the fact that he’s probably living in shame and self-blame punishing himself for the rest of his life, had him survive. I mean, for me, it is clear that Guy in season 3 had entirely lost the purpose of keep on living, He has a death-wish even.

Same goes for John Proctor, the fact that he got arrest or trialed like that angered me. But I accepted his death since it is something essential to his core belief and his character. I have nothing but admiration for his decision.

I feel bad for John Porter and the fact that he had to go out that way; the execution was so realistic that I think people had a hard time believing that such a great agent would be eliminated easily like that, but I think the possibility is quite great, still no, my tears did not flow for Porter.

I still haven’t watched Spooks beyond season 7. I understand that there is to be quite an emotional scene regarding Lucas and his time in the Russian’s grasp, I have seen some gifs made of that scene here on Tumblr, it appears fairly intense still seeing that I haven’t actually watched it, I cannot make any fair comment on that…

That leaves me…with Thorin Oakenshield…

To be honest though, it isn’t exactly a scene, it’s more like the whole last hour of the Battle of Five Armies, so don’t get too surprise if this post in the end turns out to be a close-recap plus my reaction.

I went to see the movie; knowing before hand all too well what were to be their fates, yet still I wailed, my tears literally fell down upon my cheeks, it fell down like a flowing of river actually; running on and on. And it happened every single time, I watched it. Up until now, I have managed to watch the last installment in the Trilogy only 4 times; 3 in the cinema and 1 when the DVD came out. I am, just as you are, waiting eagerly for the extended cut.

I don’t know why, but this movie and each character’s fates spoke to me on a very personal level.

I felt my heart literally drop down to the floor when I first saw this scene; I was screaming internally. There’s simply no escape for Fili, no matter how great a warrior he is, there’s no way to fight when you are hopelessly outnumbered.


I know we really didn’t given that great a chance to develop any deep attachment for Fili, he didn’t have much role like Kili has with the romance with Tauriel but this scene and Dean O'Gorman delivered the lines and conveyed the feeling quite perfectly. And this is where my tears started to fall.


I had to mention Fili even though his death and my emotional reaction didn’t really seem to be relevant with the topic because…

Look at his uncle’s reaction, here. That mouth being slightly opened as if to mouth silently “no” or “oh God” and the looks in his eyes, the disbelief, the sorrow and despair. One more corpse to his cause, insisting on his failure as a leader,as a king, as an uncle, the death of his sister’s son and his heir. I speak of Failure in the sense that Thorin couldn’t protect him and it was Thorin himself who gave out the order for Fili and Kili to go scouting. In a sense, Thorin sent Fili, unintentionally, to his death. At least, this is what I think going on in his mind.

Kili’s death is interesting in itself, I think it was in China that someone raised a point and asked Richard that… till the end, Thorin didn’t know that Kili was killed… Thorin made that choice;sacrificing his life to kill Azog and dying, not knowing that the last heir in the line of Durin (well, at least the direct line) was already dead.

Then… of course, we have reached this heart-wrecking brutally and yet brilliantly executed scene.


I want to raise a glass to Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage in this scene,it is just… you know I’ve just watched it again to reassure that I got the sequence in the right order, and here I am crying…again.


I think there’s no word…

that can fully and truly describe

this scene.

It’s just…


(x)  I mean, Bilbo’s denial and his feeble attempt literally torn my heart in to pieces. He was telling Thorin “Don’t you dare” and pleading for the dwarf to hold on…

(x)  saying to Thorin in vain that the eagles which had once saved them were finally here.

(x) Only to realise…this time it was too late.


The scene at the gate of Erebor also memorable though it’s more like I crying for my childhood memory of basically growing up with the Lord of the rings than grieving over Thorin in particular, though I love the fact that Bilbo wasn’t able to quite bring himself tell Balin exactly what Thorin meant to him. It was not until 6 months after…that Bilbo could finally manage to say out loud the significance of the Dwarf King.

(x) And he went in realising the change both in his house and his personalities from the beginning of the adventure till now. The reference of the handkerchief is beautiful; It literally made us see the change in Bilbo from the Hobbit who demanded that the company turned back to retrieve his handkerchief to the Hobbit who could wield the sword in defense of his friend and be “there and back again” , then the last scene when the camera zoomed in, revealing that after all those years, on Bilbo’s 111th Birthday he was thinking, reminiscing about Thorin and their journey together…

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Your watching to much filler if you think Hinata faints a lot. In the whole manga she has only fainted once end of story, sorry you queen didn't live up to the hype you Sakura fans place here in, its part of Kishi's story nothing you can really change complaining doesnt help either


Besides, hard to tell, I mean, other than in filler Hinata’s rarely there unless it’s in filler soooo.

the-treble replied to your post “dumb is ableist? is that why you tagged it??”

I thought it was a slur against people who couldn’t talk, not people who were deaf.

yeah, it’s used against mute / selectively mute people (of whom I am also one btw) but that doesn’t preclude it from being audist? a lot of D/deaf/HoH people cannot vocalise, or have trouble vocalising, so the word is often connected / associated with deafness (e.g. “deaf and d*mb”).

besides which, as a whole the word “d*mb” devalues non-spoken communication and people who rely on it, and centres the ability to understand and respond to speech with speech above all else, which is ableist, yes, but it’s also profoundly audist. a lot of people erase its audist implications and it doesn’t sit well with me


HWU Benefactor theory

Okay, first off this is just a theory. I have yet to catch up on the latest quest so whatever I say in nothing more than speculation. Besides, I don’t think the benefactor is even revealed in the latest quest.

Beware, this post is long and babble-y….Anyways, lets begin shall we?

In the Silver Circle quests, specifically in ‘The Agent’, Kip mentions that the Silver Circle has invested a lot in the mc. My question is ‘Why’. What makes the mc so special that the higher ranking members of the Silver Circle would go out of their way to secure his/her/their enrollment at HWU, position in the Silver Circle, and even their reputation in Hollywood? You know, besides answer = protagonist. My thought is that the Benefactor is closely related to the mc. Maybe a parent or grandparent because that would be more likely. 

Kip Valmont said the Silver Circle didn’t like scandals, a specific reason why Addison Sinclair wasn’t considered to join despite having an internship where she worked alongside Victoria Swenson. Now before even considering the relationship of everyone’s mc (I’m talking about Huntxmc), the mc has been in sooooooo many more scandals that Addison’s one, but let’s talk about the big one. Anders Stone hates the mc. So much that he’ll go out of his way to ruin him/her/them. Kip has already voiced how no ‘Stone’ would ever set foot inside the Silver Circle. If that’s true, wouldn’t it make sense they’d want to avoid someone with history with the Stones family. Specifically someone with whom the head of the family has a vendetta against. There’s also the fact that the mc was nearly kicked out of HWU and also the scandal if one chooses to pursue a relationship with Hunt. Emphasis on pursue (sorry not sorry). IMO, thats a whole bigger scandal that Addison’s little affair with Brian Ratzik.

So with all that stacked against the mc, what reason would the Silver Circle/The Benefactor have to ensure that the mc joins the Silver Circle? Like I said above, I want to believe its something other than ‘Protagonist’. Remember the only reason the mc was able to join HWU, despite whatever personal background we all have in mind for them, it was because of The Benefactor’s funding that made it possible. They payed for the mc’s tuition. Now during the ‘Crash at Sunset’ quest you learn that other characters, only OCs though, have a benefactor yet there are no OCs that join the Silver Circle. So maybe the Benefactor pays the tuition for many students they believe have potential, but after everything the mc has been through, why would the Benefactor keep funding him/her/them?

Maybe its just because the mc has a certain spark, a spark that was even recognized by Thomas Hunt himself. Even characters like Crash, Jenni, Shae, and Lisa Valentine were seen to have the same spark, but is that factor really enough to ignore everything else the mc has done? 

In conclusion, I strongly believe that The Benefactor is related to the mc (specifically a grandparent). In my opinion, this theory would explain why the Benefactor and by extension the Silver Circle would go to such lengths to assure the mc’s continued enrollment as HWU and position in the Silver Circle.

Do you agree with this theory? Disagree? Not enough evidence? Think I’m a complete dumbass? Feel free to send me an ask or whatever you’re most comfortable with, but be warned…..

sorry not sorry

Josh Groban Gif Hunt;;

Under the cut are #77 gifs of Josh Groban as requested by samantharairps. Unfortunately I could barely find any in his tag and by the time I’d gotten to December of last year I gave up scrolling through. I’m sorry but there was so much more in there besides gifs that it literally took me hours. On a brighter note, all of the gifs in this pack are 245 or 250 px and the majority are HQ. However there are a lot of singing gifs. I also found this gif hunt x. Please like or reblog if you found this useful, thank you~

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like i’m happy for the dave*kat fandom and all bc c’mon it’s my bffsies otp how could i not be but we have no confirmation it’s red vs pale and in all likelihood dave and karkat are moirails not matesprits and the fucking davejade tag needs to Chill

like, as a person who ships dave and jade first and foremost Forever And Always they are The OTP 

please chill guys, please. dave and karkat are probs totally cute pale bros bc they were heading down that path anyway and probs just went down it faster without dave/karkat/terezi crazy drama and without gamzee drama 

besides both dave and karkat care lots about jade and they will both be upset she was alone for so long when they meet up and either way she will be adored and taken care of SO 


Okay! So I was tagged by the beautiful secret-psalms-saturn for the selfie positivity post – thanks!!

I’ve done one of these before but I take a lot of selfies so I have new ones since last time. Haha I think it’s important to embrace yourself and love who you are, even though it might not be easy. Besides, I just really like taking selfies. 

So I tag edgycows cv03 d0nna-ake nintendohypetrain books-kpop-quotes-ohmy stevenpebble maridood thedogzlife sexysilverstrider shesjustbeingmileyy  dark-flame-master (even tho Feli you havent been on in like two months – girl where u at) and literally anyone who wants to do this. Tag me so I can see your beautiful faces. But yall please don’t feel pressure if I did tag you!! Do it if you want – if not then that’s totally ok too. Have a lovely day! 

I just read a post that a Klaroline fan made, and it said that Caroline should go to New Orleans and kill Hayley and Hope. Like, I don’t know if they’ve actually watched the show, but if you think Klaus would just be like, “Oh, Caroline! You’ve killed the most important thing in the world to me and her mother, but let us sail away into the sunset.” You’re wrong.

Besides, Klaroline is such a dysfunctional ship w/ a lot of abusive undertones, that idk how people can canonically ship it.

so here is a theory I have not heard yet,so in case it has not been done yet I will do it

If you think about it, Amythest does not have any powers really, besides that sonic like roll thing (witch I will discuss later)

note how Amythest is a really common gem,heck I have a lot in my house. But what if gem powers, are corresponding with their rarity?

Garnet is a very moderate gem (similar to Amythest) so she has a couple powers, heat resistance and electricity. so not that rare but still better than Amythest.

Pearl is a somewhat rarer gem, now she only has two (so far cannon) powers, holograms and a pocket dimension (mentioned in one of the comics). Now hold up, a POCKET DIMENSION. That’s a pretty cool and unique power, but still she is not that rare right? But notice her gem shape, pearls tend to be a circular, but hers is an oval. She is probably very frowned upon for being different in a normal gem community, but very UNIQUE. Which would correspond with her pocket dimension.

Now I know what your thinking, rose quartz? That is not a very rare gem, and she has all these really cool powers? But there is a really popular theory going around that you may have heard, that rose quartz is actually rose DIAMOND. Many of you already know about the diamond authority(if not just look it up). It makes sense really, with all the powers she had, and we are still discovering, and with powers like being able to heal broken gem! Its easy to imagine that she still has a lot more powers to come! Now also, why would she conceal herself as a QUARTZ. Knowing the gems that are still left (Amythest etc.) she probably recruited a lot of low level gems, and being the carrying gem she is, decided to call her self a quartz.

And now back to Amythest, if you have noticed jasper has no notable powers besides the sonic thing, just like Amythest. The even have similar hair! My theory is that jasper was also made at a kinder garden, but still you wonder about the gem class? Jasper has similar powers, but is a higher rank? (leader) what I think is that gems made at the kindergartens cannot have any unique powers since they are just normal gems that have been made into the gem species. But what they do is they make all the kindergarten gems military gems then they take what would normally be a higher rank gem, and make them a higher rank military gem (Amythest would prob be the lowest besides quartz) which is why jasper seemed to be running the expedition to earth while escorting peridot (I will add on to this post regarding peridot later)

Please message me what you guys think on this or if you have anything to add or something to say about peridots class

And remember,believe in Steven!

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i just wanted anything besides what my old one was so i put rad in front of gerard and voilà




i think a dragon would be pretty sweet, like the one from harry potter, raise it from an egg and become a bad ass dragon trainer.


green is the one i usually go with but i like blue a lot too. 


this changes with every month tbh. Right now it’s probably ‘violet’ by hole or ‘lotus flower’ by radiohead 


frank iero, marilyn manson and nicole dollanger 


bandom, shameless us, and .. youtuber fandom i guess?

so feel free to do this if you want as i’m not tagging anyone specifically. 

little-red-stranger replied to your post: Will be tagging Avengers: Age of Ultro…

I’m newish to tumblr how do you blacklist?

The way I know of is that you install xkit, which also have lots of other fun functions beside blacklist, so I really do recommend it! Google should be able to provide you with all the information you need OuO/

Does anyone know if there is any other way to blacklist?

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okay i'm probably coming off as not what I actually am so: I don't think NSFW Steven Universe art is okay. It's a kid show, it's wrong. But, there really isn't a way to stop people besides reporting them, and then that won't do anything because Tumblr doesn't have any terms against it. I'd feel way safer about browsing steven universe on tumblr if tumblr's search function didn't just include anything including 'Steven Universe'. When you could just search for tags it was a lot safer to browse >

“> and with the while relation to MLP and Bronies, the issue with them is that they have saturated the fandom. You can’t search on google safely, there are monthly purges of explicit art from ‘safe’ searches. They show up at conventions, ask sexual questions to panels and follow round young girls. I honestly think no matter how much NSFW art is drawn of the gems, that won’t happen to the SU fandom. Or at least I can hope. I want to stay optimistic about this fandom.”

You’re right about the tags, but I will say that the bronies started just as innocent as SU is now. They obsessed over them in a “cute” way, and now here we are. In two or 3 years, SU will probably just as saturated as MLP, and it won’t be just because of people like Bronies. People drawing/writing suggestive/sexual things of gems and SU right now are mostly female. Shipping characters is sexualizing, also. Even if it doesn’t start out quite blatantly in-your-face “sexual”, it becomes that way VERY quickly.

omg today i was in the cute boys car w my two other friends and we were in the school parking lot blaring “total eclipse of the heart” and then these three people weve never seen beore pulled up next to us playing lollipop and they were like.. challenging us to a lip sync battle and then as soon as their song finished they sped awy to sing to another boy and we all moved into a new car besides the cute boy and then the car came back and they al jumped into the cute boys car and sang britney spears and then ran out back into their car and then we left the lot to go get my books and when we got back one of the girls had left her number on the cute boys windshield

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i saw your tags and honestly regardless of whether dan and phil are platonic or in a relationship (still on the fence about that) dan is bi. he admitted it on formspring in 2010 back when he was more open cause he didnt think he'd become as huge as he is now and eventually realized he shouldnt have shared that info after the video(phil admitted he was bi btw). sexualites can change of course, but theres a lot of other evidence besides just this to point to the fact that dan is attracted to guys

Oh I know all of that, and yeah, they both said they were bi way back when. coughcherrycough Ah Formspring. I miss it dearly. He’s definitely not gay because he has made his attraction to women obvious over the past few years, but whether he’s bi/pan or not isn’t really as clear.

When Dan said he was bi, he was in a really vulnerable place and was still trying to figure out 90% of his life, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his sexuality was one of those things. He may still identify as bi, but he may also have come to realize he’s in fact straight, or something else. I also feel like Dan would be more inclined to be open about his sexuality were he to identify as something other than straight. (Phil on the other hand is more private, and I do think he’s almost certainly bi because he was older and happier with his life in general in 2010)

But my main confusion stems from the fact that my gaydar essentially dies the moment Dan appears before my eyes. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but it’s very frustrating because I’m left with only facts to go on.

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Where do you get 1080p episodes of SU? I only have like 720p episodes downloaded and the quality is poop :/

well im trash as hell so i torrented it all from

i have the gem glow dvd, but im positive it isnt in 1080p plus i cap the eps a lot to make gifs and edits and stuff and its nearly impossible for me to cap dvds and theres only everything up to i think steven the sword fighter? i dont have the dvd beside me so i dont actually remember atm

but if u wanna be trash like me heres the general tag for 1080p su stuff on kat

heres the entire first season in 1080p

heres the eps of season 2 that aired so far ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 )

and awhile back i gathered up all the comics bc most of them werent on kat and i wanted to read them so i looked all over and finally got em all and now i have them uploaded to mediafire here (1-8, up to date until the greg universe special standalone comes out) so yeah- and ur gonna need a cbr thing to be able to read them, i use this

remember to be sure to support the show and buy merch and stuff too tho!!!

Some Relationships

(I made a tag, so if a muse is not there, chances they will be added after some time)

nodarknesswithoutlight The two have a delicate relationships based on blind trust and a strange connection. Eikar doesn’t always think Gil is doing the best things or the smartest, but Gil is older and is the Ring Master so he can’t do much about it besides express his concerns. He questions a lot of Gil’s decisions, but when it comes down to the wire, he would never betray him. He still wonders what is going on in the time traveler’s head though.

thepolishtrapeze Dumb nicknames and quiet nights, Feliks is another one where Eikar just tries to roll with it but it usually goes really bad. Eikar hates his nicknames, though complaining will ensure more. However, he does admire Feliks’s ability to turn a situation from tense to defused in the right circumstances. He once offered to Feliks to stay in his tent for the night when he fought with Amelia, Feliks is considered friend more often than foe.

magicofthereality She confuses him more than anyone, and she doesn’t have the answers of how to make Mr. Puffin stop breathing fire. He would like to get to know her more, but she seems to always disappear from site.

cuore-di-leonessa The Mother of all in the circus, she sometimes fixes his hair or his bow without warning, he has learned to just accept it in time. He doesn’t talk to her that much, but he knows if something bad happens or if anything at all, he should see her.

dancing-in-the-air Usually the extent of their relationship is how she tells him about laundry and how to do certain things or she takes him shopping. He doesn’t really like the trips because shopping was never his favorite activity, but spending time with Mar is nice because she has a down to earth way about her. He most likely would ask Mar about something than Chiara, but sometimes she seems really exhausted so he doesn’t.

orchidinthewind When they first met, they went to go get food and ever since have been friends. They usually end up talking about everything and nothing and Li Xiao can make Eikar laugh. Eikar likes to laugh, but not around everyone. He also occasionally swipes a stamp or two from the unsuspecing.

swallowingsword Though not very close, Matt is someone that he thinks about sometimes. They never seem to be in the same place at the same time, but if there was anything about swords or sharp objects and question he would go to Matt first. He likes Matt’s quietness.

princeofsnowanddeer One of the people that have become a question of Who? Though he did run into Mattie one night and learned a lot, through foot pain and hot coacoa, he never seemed to remember what he was called. All he knows is that Mattie feels cold and there is power hidden deep inside.

ikuinenvalo He feels that Tuli knows more than she is saying, but he never pushes it. She hugs him, freaks him out and sniffs him, which he keeps telling her to stop but she tells him he just smells so clean. He knows her from before all this and he can feel it, but he can’t fit the puzzle together and is missing a lot of pieces. He likes to be around her, but wonders if he can trust her.

ikbenliam Liam is not one of his favorite people.

bellaombra He never remembers who the angry girl is.