Noodlescheyenne asks: How did working on The US Office come about? And how did you find the experience?
Catherine: Greg Daniels, who adapted the American version, rang to see if I would be interested in joining the cast. I was very excited, and went out to meet him, and then got the call to say they’d like me to come on board. It was a fantastic experience, I was a massive fan of both shows and am extremely honoured to be part of the ensemble of the American office.
—  Catherine talking about joing The Office US cast, in The Guardian’s webchat.

Photo(s) of the Day: Tyler, The Creator and Rose Bertram

Tyler, the Photographer. In the latest issue of Oyster Magazine, the Odd Future frontman was able to show off his camera skills in a photoshoot with Belgian model Rose Bertram. In the interview for the magazine, Bertram says she and Tyler have known each other for years, which is clearly visible in the casual, laid-back nature of the shoot. You can check out more shots below, with contributions from resident Odd Future cameraman Brick Stowell and visit Oyster to read the full interview and see additional pictures.