Day 3 in Venice. Day 1 and 2 consisted of eating, strolling, eating, meeting restaurant owners who force you to drink crazy blue liquor with them and keep their place open just for you to finish their bottle, which I didn’t of course, and eating again. Had squid ink for the first time, explored the permanently just painted look of the rainbow houses in Berona, went to where lace originated and watched old ladies tie the smallest knots in the world out of cotton thread a million times over. 

I’m in heaven but I’m getting stir-crazy. Spent all of yesterday looking for signs or secret notes of some underground subculture. Maybe some locals. Something other than tourists. Found the Jewish area with cheaper spaghetti and a sunset that made even the sarcastic un-romantic side of me want to steamily make out with some Italian on a bridge just to bathe in hues of purple and pink in the way your supposed to when you’re in Venice. 

Today I’m getting introduced to some Spanish boys, hopefully they are cool and bring me to Barcelona with them so at least I know the literal next step in this unplanned journey. That or Tuesday, I head to Rome.

For those of you that don’t know. I’m traveling through Europe till mid July without any plan. Looking to photograph/experience/live something uniquely different. If you have an idea of something I should see, message me. If you’d like me to come document something in your town, message me, if you want me to come eat dinner at your grandmas in Florence, message me. 

Petang itu, kau usap punggung tangan kananku, sembari mengatakan bahwa jingga tak pernah menyengaja berona. Aku lupa bertanya, apa ia seperti kita? Yang juga tak menyengaja jatuh cinta?!
Every Inch of You

Title: Every Inch of You

Author: x_nscangel_x

Rating: NC-17

Summary:  Brendon is the stereotypical new kid at Berona, a boarding school that seems like a place straight out of the television. He reluctantly finds himself swept up in the world ruled by none other than Ryan Ross, the self-proclaimed king with a hidden past and a mask that just never seems to come off. Can Brendon learn to love the devil? 

An idea I got when collecting alchemy materials in WoW. I liked the idea so much that I logged right off to add it into Blackmoon Prophecy II and that idea is… well, alchemy!

Alchemy ingredients can be found all over the world. You can find ingredients growing in caves, forests or even towns. You can even find ingredients in pawn shops and off of some random encounters.

Making items at the alchemy shop is 100% free, you only need the required items. I plopped tons down into the world, so they’re moderately easy to find as well. 

Alchemy shops are located in the four major cities (Alexandria, Berona City, Lenadia Castle, Lindblum City). For those who have already visited Alexandria and Lindblum City, you can find the alchemy shop in each city at the following locations. In Alexandria, a previously blocked building in the Mysidian Quarter now serves as the alchemy shop. Likewise, a once inaccessible building in Lindblum City’s Mage Plaza now serves as an alchemy shop.

Also, I’m aware of the issue in the screenshot where the alchemist mentions an ether when trying to make a potion. I’ve since fixed that little typo!

Not much to see in this picture, but Lenadia Castle is the game’s third major city after Lindblum City and Alexandria, leaving only Berona City left as the only large city without any presence in the game.

Lenadia Castle will include..

Trader’s Wing:
Item Shop
Materia Shop
Magic Shop
Rosetta Stone Vendor

Hall of Armaments:
Armor Shop
Crafting Shop
Relic Shop

Ambassador Chambers:
Berona Embassy
Ivalice Embassy
Lindblum Embassy

Castle Courtyard:
Courtyard Overgrowth (Optional Dungeon)
Exterior Gardens + Alchemy Shop

Royal Reach:
King’s Quarters
Throne Room
Throne Room Hall