One for the money
Two for the show

Give them good money
and your problems will go

The thing is: they’re not friends. They’ll never be friends. They don’t hang out or chill or shoot the shit together. They might live together, sure, but that’s just for convenience. If they sleep together, well who knows, not that it’s anyone’s business.

They fight a lot too. Over everything: costs and profit, entrance points and escape routes, strategies and contingency plans, rent and bills and the cleanliness of the fridge - literally everything. If there’s something to be fought about, they’ve probably had an argument about it, likely already physically fought about it.

It’s a wonder they can tolerate being within sight of each other for long periods of time as it were.

But in business…. well.

Let’s just say you won’t find a better team of two to do your dirty work.


Last post of this weekend’s work.

It’s been a while since i’ve drawn full body. Have some well-dressed mercs.

suits, people, it’s important to draw your yearly quota of tailored suits for a  healthy balanced lifestyle

closeup [x]

temari and kankuro are probably so far behind on social interaction etiquettes. they probably spoke to so few people when they were kids into their teens. like they probably accidentally sneak up on people a lot. or stand too far away or don’t allow physical contact to a weird point. or they say things that are just a little too mean. don’t seek out their peers and wait for them to seek them out. people probably think they’re pretty rude. and it’s not really like they can control that. or understand just how weird they are with people even tho they get it and they try. it must be really hard.


At after party, Eunhyuk drank until 4am then came out. First time he kept asking if there are korean fans. Fans said no so he went in. Second time he came out he asked where were fans from and said SS6 will be held in China Hong Kong Taiwan etc and told fans not to wait till so late, to go home earlier and eat. His drunk voice is very gentle!! Actions are cute too. After getting on the car, he winded down the window to say bye to fans.

Cr: natkalau Eng trans: elf_ninida