Travel 13

Longish chapter. Importantish chapter. Some people will think I dodged certain things again… but if so, it’s with a slightly different approach than usual. Maybe some things aren’t always suited for teleological narrative structure? Or maybe I am insufficiently focused on the customary telos? TT; DR (too theoretical; didn’t read): sex. Of some sort. And then some comedy, for the relief. I wish I had a joke here, but all I got is part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, and part 12.

Travel 13

They stop at the first motel they see; Helena does not even remember, by the time they are walking, luggageless, down the outdoor hallway to their room, which chain it belongs to. That they are on the first floor, the first floor outdoors—“Nothing with a view?” Myka had joked weakly at the desk—meant no elevator ride, no transitional space of semi-privacy, nothing to prepare them. If they could have been magically transported from the Flynns’ driveway to the room… but no, they had to get into the car and drive, and look intentionally for signs, and think about what they were going to do; Helena also had to call Charles to tell him she would not be home until morning.

Still, when the door clicks closed, Helena honestly expects be thrown against it: it is almost a conditioned response, now, for her body to tense and then, once Myka is pressed against her, to begin to melt.

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So I know someone mentioned to tantedrago about meeting Meghan Ory and forgetting to ask about it because of her being…her

To be honest, I did forget too. But right at the end I remembered so I went back and (we’d actually talked about Warehouse earlier when talking about Intelligence and it’s cancellation) I said how we basically had adopted her into the fandom and she bloody loved it!! She seemed kinda stoked to have been like…”hijacked” so to speak by the fandom and I was telling her about how y’all saw all of her Intelligence stuff and just saw her as their future child and shit.

I’m not really explaining this very well, but I then showed her a picture of Joanne and Jaime (It was actually the one of them tied up that Jaime signed at Birmingham because it was the only one I had on me :’)) because she was curious to see them together to see and she was just like “yeah, that’d totally work!” and she was hilarious, being all “I would totally be their child. this is amazing” :’)

and then I asked her to hold that “sign” up (I apologise for the scruffiness of it, I hadn’t had chance to print one off or make a better one during the day so I just had to use one of my photo wallet things)  so I could take a picture and she just laughed and was like “definitely! I love this” and was just the sweetest.

So, basically…she loves the idea and definitely approves (and wants to read the fanfic of it too?? :S:D ahaha) Like, she just loved the fact that we’d basically pictured her in this role and how much we love her even though the character doesn’t canonically exist.

All in all, success tbh :D

(I’m sorry if this is a crappy boring story telling of what happened. I got stuck in London after the con last night so had to stay at my brothers and didn’t get to his till almost 3am and I just got back home and it like, torrential down poured on me so I’m just so ready for today to be over tbh :’)) But I hope y’all enjoyed this. Bering and Wells fandom ftw :P)

Making TV is like making soup. Producers offer up a recipe; networks (and a growing number of on-demand streaming media companies) supply the broth; writers chop up all the ingredients; directors add the meats and vegetables, however they see fit; the veggies dance with the herbs and the meats brush up against the spices; the editor chooses how much of each thing should go into the bowl; the network tastes it and suggests “improvements”; and finally, the audience gobbles up the soup in its finished form.

Now, here’s the rub: The finished bowl of soup is the thing that counts. It doesn’t matter what the recipe promised, or how the ingredients were meant to taste, or what the herbs and spices have tasted like when mixed together in the past. What matters is the whole bowl of soup. And nobody — nobody — knows soup like the foodies of fandom.

So what you get is fandom saying, “Hey, when spinach and green beans are in my spoon together, it’s the most delicious thing I have ever tasted!” And the network saying, “You’re not even supposed to taste the spinach!” And the writers saying, “Those things got on your spoon together by accident; the green beans go with the tomatoes.” And the showrunner saying, “The spinach will be in a few more bowls of soup in the future, so just just feel lucky and don’t get weird when we don’t pair it with green beans.” And a shrinking (but still vocal) minority of soup-eaters shouting that Jesus hates when spinach and green beans mix together. And the actors smiling and waving and shrugging because the kitchen is a mean place and they’re just happy to be in a bowl of soup.

But what has been cooked cannot be uncooked!

—  Heather Hogan, Fandom Fixes (AfterEllen)

Joanne Kelly panel, Oz Comic Con, Brisbane 7-9-14

Apparently Joanne’s first ever solo panel.

Sadly we were beyond the point where photos are allowed when Eddie crashed the panel to mock Jo and then ran the mic around for questions for the rest of the panel (complete with commando rolls across the stage, climbing over chairs and providing his own commentary).

Now I’m sure for many people the appearance of Eddie was the highlight of the panel but my heart lies elsewhere.

Jo said Jaime Murray was her favourite guest star and HG Wells was her favourite villain.

She was asked which was her favourite HG episode and said, “I smell apples.” She said that the scene where HG is tied to the chair is great but that it was the moment when HG sacrifices herself to save “me and I realise how important I am to her.” Eddie - “I thought it was because of me, because I was important to her.” Jo - “Well you thought wrong, it was me.”

Be still my shipper heart.