Location Location

Producer here. Remember when we were scheduling our shoot back in the day? That might have been just two weeks ago, but it feels like ages in preproduction time.

This is why:

One and a half week ago, the production team (or at least three members of it) flew to South Africa to go into full-blown preproduction mode. This is also why this blog has been quiet save for the great posts by Hummingbirdandbear – everyone else was simply too busy or lacked internet access to post anything to our blog. This, however, shall change this week – provided there is internet access, of course. 

After one day of productive meeting arranging, we set out last Tuesday to explore the countryside and see if the location that we had in mind, a family farm, was still up to scratch – or could be made to look like it was.

After a beautiful drive through the Underberg we arrived in Bergville, RSA.


The only issue with this location was that is made for someone driving a four-wheel drive. Other than that: perfect! For this project, we needed five different spaces - see next post. 

And in this case we were extremely lucky: all the needed spaces can be found within walking distance to the main building, which will double up as the family home and cast & crew accommodation. I doubt that this situation will ever arise again, so we plan to make the most of it– by having one of the craziest and busiest shooting schedules I have ever looked at.

Stay tuned to read about our casting process! 

- Anna

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