Bu yalnızlık beniii çookk yoruyorr allamm :( berber de acaba kredi kartı geçiyo mu ? Evetse iki kere öarp hayırsa dur bekle deymez bu deeyyusu çarpmaya :/


The Berbers are a large and varied ethnic group originating in North Africa. Tribal in nature, the Berbers have sporadically had larger political entities, such as the kingdom of Mauretania and the Sanhadja confederation.  Historically, most Berbers are nomadic or semi-nomadic, but many permanent settlements have been created, especially in the Atlas Mountain region.

Khepri's Myth Busters "Where does the name Africa come from."

1.Africa was named after a Roman named Scipio Africanus.

Answer: Wrong

2. Africa comes from several different areas of Africa.

Africa’s name is derived from an ancient area in modern day Tunisia known as Ifriqiya or sunny place, in Tamazight.

Once Publius Cornelius Scipio defeated Hannibal(Battle of Zama), he asked the ethnic group he defeated, what do you call this area! And they said “Ifriqiya”, after that Scipio became known as the Scipio the African or The conquer of Africa. Check the Idiots guide to the Roman Empire!!!!!

3 Africa is derived from the Egyptian af-rui-ka, “to turn toward the opening of the Ka.” The Ka is the energetic double of every person and “opening of the Ka" refers to a womb or birthplace. Africa would be, for the Egyptians, "the birthplace."

4. In the Great Lakes Area of Chad the called there area in A far, and many different from variants. “The Land”, Of the King, or Gods Land.