the-eloquent-punk said:

So I have a friend who is the type of person who you ask "So how are you" and they go on and on and on about themselves for hours, never asking how you are. Every time I manage to catch a moment in the conversation to say how I'm doing or tell her about a problem I have, she ends up turning the conversation around to be about her again. Is there a curse to end that, or at least, lessen her selfishness...?

A simple binding curse should the trick, maybe if you tweak this one a bit? or maybe this one?


the-eloquent-punk said:

1, 2, 12, 20~

1: post a selfie?


I’ve wet hair, i’m eating salad (rabbit food ugh I need a burger), and I’ve got a feminist shirt on don’t mess with me

2: do you wear makeup? what makeup do you put on?
Literally changes every day, sometimes eyeliner and mascara and eyeshadow, sometimes just eyeliner, sometimes all that or none of that with lipstick, sometimes no makeup

12: what’s your favorite color?

20: do you prefer pens or pencils?
since perpetually perfectly sharp pencils don’t exist, pens

widdershins660 replied to your post: I am seriously saddened that there are witches who think it’s alright to bash or cause erasure to those who worship other deities/gods than them….
wow i cant believe that . What happened to “Live and let live” they are obviously acting the same as (some) not all but closed minded Christians. Just my opinion

Here’s the thing though. This ignorant imbecile is trying to erase the fact that there ARE Christan witches/witchcraft, and blatantly BASHES those who are Christan witches or support them. Which angers me, because 1) he has NO right to do so and 2) I have friends who he’s erasing.

themoonchildoftheeast replied to your post: Tumblr staff needs to get their shit together and…
I’ve messaged yahoo about their lack so hopefully they do something if big it ca be a law suit for harassment and telling people to commute suicide.

Good. Thank you.

They need to take action immediately cause this is now REALLY getting out of hand.