Jgh and gawd, I’m in heat- literally. Lol! Obviously, I went to the drug store and purchased an acne medication, because these zits won’t leave alone. :( I’ve tried Panoxyl and SOS in the past, and I wasn’t convinced with the results. Hopefully with Benzac, my pimples would bid me farewell-for good. Perhaps you’re wondering, what on earth will I do with a large bottle of acetone? Remember yesterday, hindi successful yung pagtanggal ko sa polish ko. Medyo ma effort pala bumili ng acetone sa Mercury. Feeling ko Valium binili ko kanina kasi may pina pirmahan pa sa'kin. Lol. As if nag dispense sila ng pinagbabawal na gamot. *teka di rin naman ako mukhang solvent girl ah. Lol! Good aftie! Maliligo na rin ako in a while. :)


This commercial is so disgusting. Benzac conveys the message that acne is ugly and you can’t look “good” unless you buy their product. Yeah, several face wash commercials advertise the same thing, but in this video, an actress actually says something about herself being ugly BECAUSE she has acne??? The actresses/actors aren’t even ugly??? 

I’m 100% for selling a product to help people clear up their skin. Acne can be harmful and leave scars, and it’s really annoying! I get that! But the moment that you advertise your product to say that people will always be ugly if they don’t use it is when the line is crossed. This company targets several peoples’ insecurities and, honestly, probably makes the viewer feel like shit! This is such a disgusting campaign for a most likely shitty product. 

Benzac Complete Acne Solution Regimen

Benzac Complete Acne Solution Regimen

As a lady living with PCOS, I have to take great care of my skin. It is prone to many breakout, so using the right products that work for ridding my acne and also don’t dry my skin out like crazy is imperative. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the time my skin is normal to dry, but there are some times when I have breakouts.

The good people at Benzacwere kind enough to send me a sample of their 3…

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Whatever skin type you have, natural witch hazel is so so so good for your face.

You can buy a bottle for under ten dollars at the supermarket or your local chemist. I warn you, it smells a bit weird, but seriously does wonders for your skin.

After just a few days of using witch hazel, your skin will appear clear, smooth, and fresh. 

If you have bad acne, I recommend you buy yourself a tube of Benzac AC 10% . Apply this after the witch hazel, on the affected areas.

And always remember to moisturise with a light, chemical free moisturiser afterwards.


My Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin 

I finally finished my Quick FX Pimple Eraser! I’m still in the province though so it would take me a few days before I could buy another. In the meantime, I’m using my sister’s Benzac AC Gel 10% as an alternative. Too bad I can’t slather this all over my face because it’s too drying #vscocam #skincareph #skincareroutine #antiacne #acneph #benzac #quickfx #acnesolutions #acneproblems #acne #watsonsph


I feel like the Benzac commercial would be way better if one of the kids that buy the product is chubby or overweight, maybe even very freckly. And after they buy the product they have clearer skin and genuinely feel better about there appearance. It’s different than all the commercials I’ve seen. And it’s positive unlike using some skinny person already in the eyes of the other seemingly perfect. As well as a famous singer or actor. Well I for one would buy the product, me and my friends always LOVE talking about shows/commercials/movies with this stuff in mind.

The following products are over P500 but I just wanted to share my sister’s acne progress .

My sister has been suffering from severe/cystic acne all over her face for years. She has tried many products: from her derma, organic skin care, and korean skin care products but they either aggravate her condition or do nothing to her. It pretty much makes her extremely sad when someone comments on her face .

But things are becoming good. She’s been using Aztec Indian Healing Clay, African Black Soap, and Likas, and they are working well. But it was the Benton Snail Bee Essence that has dramatically improved her condition .

She still has a long way to go before her face clears up but I’m happy that the Snail Bee Essence is working on her. She also added Benzac AC to her routine to fight off those big angry pimples that are still appearing on her face. Now I’m hoping her struggle to get rid of acne will soon end.
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