Without Mercy ~ Rupert Graves in World War II era roles:  All My Loved Ones (1999) gif 1 and 6; Bent (1997) gif 2 and 9; God On Trial (2008) gif 5 and 10; The Plot to Kill Hitler (1990) gif 4 and 7; The Sheltering Desert (1992) gif 3 and 8

If I do this, will God forgive me? - Axel von dem Bussche

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Best overall project is God On Trial, but the powerful monologue in The Plot to Kill Hitler is quite notable; he practically steals the whole TV movie and I wish there had been more of Axel. I imagine that if Rupert auditioned with that monologue alone that he probably blew them away and they had to send all the other actors home.

#Silver Fox Saturday


Another vid of Marius Schneider showing some bits and pieces of his riding. Of all the riders I’ve seen, he’s the one that best embodies what I read about the classical seat being an imitation of the standing position, with the straight line from head to shoulder to elbow to knee to foot. He is just so straight up and down, and so relaxed looking doing it. Ofc it doesn’t hurt that his horse is so soft and relaxed. They just look like the opposite of FEI type dressage - loose, relaxed, almost boring compared to the taut toe-flicking type of riding and moving, but infinitely better and more practical. They are just so damn quiet.

What’s irritating is that I couldn’t really find any good info on him. His website is here but I didn’t see anything about his personal background or who he trained under. I did, though, find him on Bent Branderup’s website in a list of his certified trainers, which suggests that he’s worked with him in the past. Branderup is associated with Don Alvaro Domecq (involved with bullfighting/rejoneo) and Don Javier Garcia Romero, and apparently also studied with Nuno Oliveira and Egon von Neindorff. Pretty powerful classical background. I think if I had my choice of modern trainers to go work with, this guy would be pretty high on my list. I don’t see a ton about his actual training approach but it’s obvious here that he’s doing something right.



Limited Edition of 80 smokey clear tapes with white print.
in black cassette case with black screenprinted golden j-card with cutout
and fullcolour insert.

Recorded By Bent Von Bent at Zol Der Wahn,
Field Recordings at Xi’an and Sapporo.
Parts of tracks 1, 5, 6 recorded by Roest at Jocques & Die Scheldebunker.
Synth on track 5 recorded by D.Edren at CEM Rotterdam.
Music by Bent Von Bent (2013-2014)

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available here or through ex-vinylo (fr), Tomentosa (us) and more international resellers.


Mixed Media Loop, Silent. 8mm footage shot in Aït Ayach and Antwerp by Bent Von Bent, 2012.