Andrej Pejic for Elle Serbia January 2013 “Victor Victoria” (#2).
Hair: Leonardo Manetti for ION Studio.
Makeup: Hilde Pettersen Reljin, Anne Kohlhagen |Malin+Goetz|.
Stylist: Lauren Bensky.
Fashion Editor: Nenad Janjatovic.
Photography by Dusan Reljin.

So Sean. I’m really confused about him. Like he says one thing and will do the complete opposite. Like this summer, when we took a “break” (which was totally unnecessary but I’ve already talked about how unnecessary it was all summer so I won’t go into that.(actually it was probably necessary because better then than now)) he kept telling me that he would wait for me and he wouldn’t date or talk to anyone else but he wouldn’t be mad if I did but now he’s in a relationship with the girl that he cheated on me with??? And he’ll tell Bensky that he cares about me still and wants us to talk again but he tells Andrew I’m crazy??? And he told me he loved me and wanted to marry me, but he’s dating someone else??? Like honestly, I’m really over him and our relationship and everything, but I’m just trying to figure out how a person could be so dirty? Like if I was in his shoes, I would try SO HARD to win me and my trust back since he claimed he wanted to MARRY me. Marriage is a big deal. And like DeCélia told me that he might just be putting up a front for Andrew but like first of all, he didn’t have to tell him anything but since he decided to, did he really have to slander me when I did nothing wrong??? Like I’m completely over us and the thought of us being together because there’s no way in hell I’ll ever love Sean again, and I’ve forgiven him and all that, but I just want him to be real with me and I wanna understand what REALLY happened. And I really don’t know if I’d wanna be friends with someone like him again. Like he’s just really sketchy and he lies unnecessarily and I really don’t need people like that in my life anymore

College is weird so far. Vita and I are drifting, as expected. I never see Bensky anymore, as expected. I feel like DeCélia is the only like friend friend I have here; well, her and Jo. But DeCélia’s going through her own thing with Bensky and I don’t wanna bug either of them, but I really miss my best friend. I miss all of my best friends actually. I never have time to talk to Bri or Leah & I feel like they feel like I don’t care but the whole time difference & not really having any time to do anything is really fuckin it up. Seeing Sean is less weird than I thought it’d be. And even though he’s telling people I’m crazy, I still forgive him for what he did to me this summer. I don’t understand why he’s telling people about what happened between us anyway, like you don’t know these people from Adam, but it’s his business too I guess. I need to make a separate post about him so I can clear my head. I never see Colby & I really miss him. Like I was gonna stay in the cafe and talk to him today, but I already told my friends I’d walk back to the dorm with them. He looked bored at his table, but then again he always looks bored. I think he’s trying to set me up with his friend, Maurice, but then he like flirts with me in front of him so idk? Maurice is a sweet kid, but I’m single till 2016 soooo.