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Ok so wow I actually hit 400 I can’t believe it I feel like I just hit 300 not to long ago so thank you so much!! I love all of you guys and your blogs are the best!

Hawks Blogs: craawford marianyossa anttisraanta blackhawks-af blackhawks-little-mutt blackhawks-shuffle bunny-benny carey-cash-money-price1988 checkingyoutwice chi-town-mistress chitown1988 coach-qs-stache coreycrowferd hawksofwinterfell horseshitfuckingcall im-glad-you-kane1988 ketnep kanewewinit krisbryants saintcrow officialscottdarling shawismymainboy swiggity-swagger-chelsea-dagger teuvotamborine tooemotionallyinvolvedingoalies truenorthernights unikanes t-o-ews 50shadesoftoews black-and-red-until-im-dead coreycawford dunkankeith

Habs Blogs: hockeyismyreligon bgallymustacheflow brendamngallagher chrisdamnthomas gallaghergoal gaudreauu goallagher-galchenpuck habs31canadiens savemecareyprice superstuffedprust teamgallys price4hart savedbyprice catlady31

Blogs that I wasn’t sure where to put but I like them: bennonmymind brandoncrust crazybookperson eddieolczyk evelynakitty invisabel-ak jamibenns leaderslead-thatsjamiebenn littleshitgally panic-at-the-goalline shine-or-sett  tempe-toews tylerxseguin aaronekbald dangerouslyaddictivethings ebsnugehallsy hockeyloversunited

I’m really sorry if I forgot anyone I didn’t mean to so if I forgot you just tell me. Thank you so much for 400 followers this is crazy I am a literal dork XD

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some really good Blackhawks blogs to follow?? :)

i sure can!!!

marianyossa krisbryants chi-town-mistress coreycawford bbickells bunny-benny crawferd showtime-chicago swiggity-swagger-chelsea-dagger shawzerz dunkankeith michalhandzus raanta saaders toewses 7seabook tazerkaners jonathaantoews bl4ckhawks blackhawks-shuffle and horseshitfuckingcall are some that i can think of that mainly post hawks stuff!!! 

i also have a follow forever (which is very outdated and some of the links might not work), that you may want to check out but i’m going to remake it after this season is over!!!


But Benny, they almost died because of my stupid mistake!

They’re still alive and breathing, right? That’s all that matters. And it was your first hunt Y/N, so cut yourself a little slack, okay?

Turn Characters if They Were in Sorted Hogwarts' Houses

George Washington-Gryffindor
Benedict Arnold-Slytherin

Benny-Senpai Notice Me~

I wish I could say that I was sorry, but I’m not. Based off the lovely Crunchy-Salad’s wonderful post here! Sorry hun, but I just couldn’t help it. You had me at Benny-Senpai~

p.s. I tried to add you’re Lone Wanderer, Rose, but I didn’t know what they looked like other then they had green eyes, so I made it up. Either way they’re standing next to my Lone Wanderer, Magnolia. Hope you don’t mind! Also, sorry about the shitty quality, I don’t have a scanner on hand at the moment.