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oh my god what a fucking bitch! I’m sorry. Eeuagh I hear this kind of stuff and it makes me so angry. Why are people like that?

i have no idea.

like you gotta expect people to push you forward and like.. have stuff in your face. will ferrell and zach fucking galifianakis are infront of you.

and she gets angry when that happens.

like what are you, 9? obviously that’s gonna happen.

i didn’t really care that i was getting violated from every direction i was still happy as ever until she threw my fucking poster.

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you are spot on with this observation.

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Nonononono you’re right on target. Their performing has a tangible flow that you can see with very few other people who work together. They always seem to be on the same wavelength.

ok good!!! thanks guys!!! they seemed like they were so close to each other, like real brothers. i love it when dan, john, and gilda are in a sketch together. they all work great off each other.

Watch on

“…Well maybe I’m not ‘the norm.’”

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wait…someone took your poster out of your hand and threw it? wtf!?

yeah i would’ve been fine with it because i had another one but she threw it JUST as will ferrell was infront of me so i had no time to get the other one out of my bag

believe me, i was so fucking pissed off

i spend 300$ on a trip just to and see him and zach in person and i have my chance taken away to get an autograph myself

oh the girl who threw it got a picture with will, his autograph AND zachs autograph

like… i can even begin to explain how hard i wanted to punch her