Done, but not over [[tag; Benji]]

Poe sighed down at her holo caster, rubbing her eyes. He was expecting her. Of course he was. Maybe he was just as excited about this as she was? Probably not nearly as nervous or neurotic about it, but the excitement was definitely there.

The blonde smoothed a hand down the front of her Kecleon hoodie, sighing. It had been ages since this one had come out of the closet, but she couldn’t exactly wear her other ones. Her Azumarill was dirty, and the Wigglytuff had some…uncomfortable memories attached to it for the moment. She shifted, staring up at the apartment building, before tapping out a couple messages on the holo caster in her hands.

[txt] I’ve been pacing out front your building for the last half hour, too scared to actually do anything.

[txt]How are we supposed to go about this?

Scary Movies [Tag: Benji]

Bert was nervous. Only slightly, but still nervous.

How long had it been since he had actually hung out with anyone here in Kalos? Probably last time was before his vacation. Regardless, he stood out front of the library, thinking about how to approach this whole situation.

"Why the hell am I acting like such a dork? We’re gonna watch some movies and chill." He stood there a moment and mulled it over "…probably because I barely know this guy yet he’s invited me in…. I need to just relax and go with the flow."

He gave the library’s front door a shove and stepped inside, casually strolling to the front desk where he waited…

talldarkandpsychic said:

"Excuse me, I think you dropped something."

Wow, someone must have put a jinx on Clive or something as the man dropped everything and anything that wasn’t nailed down these days. Searching about, Clive discovers what had gone missing and bends to pluck up a little yellow notebook with a silver spiral looping around the top, the tip twisted and the edges slightly frayed from use and thumbing over. “Haha, whoo boy, I’d be in loads of trouble with my boss if I lost this, thanks, mate! Saved my life there.” 

It's 1 am, do YOU know where your trainer is? [[Tag Benji]]

Poe got out of the cab, having paid the driver and watched her breath condense in the cool air. She shivered a little in her Azumarill hoodie, and kicked herself mentally for wearing her shorts and not something a little warmer. Despite the reasonably warm days, Lumiose at 1 am did get a little chilly. 

Speaking of 1 am. The blonde double checked her holo-caster, frowning at the lack of texts on it. She was five minutes late from their stated meeting time, apparently finding a cab at this hour of the morning was harder than she had thought. “Ooooh, I hope he didn’t give up on me.” She muttered to herself, raking a hand through her hair. She felt a little naked without her hat or Bachuru, but she figured it would have been a bit better to leave the poor thing sleeping rather than wake her up for her hat. 

She tugged her hood up over her head, the long ears dropping in her face as she paced just outside of the Route 5 gate, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the other trainer. 

A Quiet Outing (closed rp with Benji-x-adventure)

Karra had called up Benji only just a day or two since they’re night together in the pokemon center. She had invited him to Azure Bay for a picnic and possibly a swim in the warm waters. She had brought out a few more pokemon than she usually had on her, mainly just her pikachu Pecha. Giselle the furfrou was happy to see the little mouse again and was happy to let her rest on her back haunches as everyone else was out playing around.

Grimm remained hidden, waiting for her date. Elan and Infinity hung around Karra. Elan sat on her lap, enjoying her trainer’s petting while Infinity sat next to her watching the others. Mystique hung around the waves as Esdaline the wartortle played in the surf. it was a wonderful treat for the turtle who had unfortunately been stuck in the box for much too long. Last was Corki the Goodra, who simply reached up to the high branches to eat as many berries as she could find.

Next to Karra was a woven basket with a small cloth over it. It had all the food she had bought for the date and also some towels in case they went swimming. She hoped he’d be fine with her buying everything, she was the one who made the date afterall. She pet Elan nervously, but tried to stay calm. Benji was someone she looked up to greatly and he really was very attractive. She was more worried about messing it up again and ruining a friendship.

talldarkandpsychic said:

Did you expect Ryn to get involved in EVOO?

{{ sPFT. Noooope. 100000x nope

While I did admittedly ship Ryn and Clovis an itty bitty bit early on, I never really brought it up with Clover OOC. And then by the time she, Kylie, and I were all actually talking (because of RWBY AU things), Virginshipping was already a thing, which I shipped (and still ship) so hard you have no idea.

Only, then those memes of like, “would you have a threesome with ___ and ___ ?” happened and Clovis/Xavier/Ryn was brought up and all three of us just had this realization of “….Oh. O h no that’d actually be pretty cute”.

It’s…. kind of exploded since then, to say the least. BI;;;;;; }}

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((This is more of a meta-analysis but I like the way that you can pull off the whole ex-celebrity thing. I think less experienced roleplayers might not have given any thought to how a former celebrity might behave but you manage Dotty's experience out of the limelight very well))

( oh my goodness thank u so, so much banjo. im terribly honored by this, given that working thru the influence of her celeb past has probably been one of the more difficult aspects to hammer out about her character. bless u )

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Riddle: A man walks into a pub and simply orders a water. The bar tender simply looks at the man, grabs a shotgun, and points it at the man's face. The man says, "Thank you" gets up, and walks out of the pub. Why did they behave this way?

Because WHO THE FUCK ORDERS A WATER IN A BAR? Or maybe he was a zombie or some shit or…or…

Or what, shit, was he fuckin’ hiccupin’ or somethin’ and needed to shit his pants to get rid of ‘em?

Why the hell would you order water though? I dunno, ya got me on this one.