Carolle Benitah’s souvenir albums consist of 3 albums, each (re)composed of 15 embroidered photographs, beaded with pearls, and prints of cut off photographs. The collection of images of the photos souvenirs project covers a period of 35 years, beginning with the artist’s birth and ending
at the moment when the Benitah started to document her life in 2001.

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benitah said:

I saw Then She Fell and as far as I could see, Alice is presented having a relationship with Lewis Carroll as an adult. It's played rather poignantly, they have a sad pas de deux which seems to indicate the forbidden aspect of their relationship. There are actually two Alices, one seems to be full of love for Carroll and the other one seems to be an Alice at the end of her rope with him, ready to send him in his way.

From what I read, Alice seems to be in her “teens” discovering her sexuality and maturing. I also read somewhere that she even shows you her dolls implying she’s still in between a child and an adult.

Portraying Carroll as an ephebophile is still just as bad as a pedophile. It’s relying on the myth and in turn, spreading it. One might say even more poignantly because of the medium.

I do understand that the show is spectacular. It sounds amazing. I would want to go if it wasn’t for the subject matter. It reminds me no matter how much new research is done or new books are published, it will never get rid of his undeserved reputation.