Day 9

Okay. Hold your horses. I cannot believe things progressed this fast. A month from now I will most probably be making twice the amount I made at my previous job. 

I am working very hard though! But I’m enjoying every second

Even though I thought I would be moving away from celebrity and fashion content, it seems like the clients enjoy my style of fashion and lifestyle writing. At the moment I am officially working on three projects

1. Social Media updates for a hair extension brand, Goldilox

2. Writing Fashion Content for

3. Fashion and Beauty Writing for 

I also have three other projects in the pipeline- all related to writing. 

Apart from that I also have to focus on my own blogs, so I’ll have to work on my time management! :)

I found that it’s best to do all the bigger tasks earlier in the morning, so that when my mid-day laziness. 

So what happened? 

- I applied for jobs 9 days straight and then I had to wait. I mostly used this very informative and helpful site to do my job search.

You can ask my boyfriend, by the end of last week I was quite stressed and nervous that things wouldn’t work out, but one after the other replies came in, and I even had to say no to some clients. 

Make Money My Way Tip:  Be Patient. Stay Positive. Trust the process.