A Colourful Mix of Blueberries, Strawberries & Goji Berries with Yoghurt & Oats for Breakfast this Morning with a Sprinkle of Chia Seeds ❤️❤️❤️
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Bananas are the greatest (some of my fav banana photos)


First of all, bananas are awesome because they cure almost anything. 


They give you energy <3 (more than Energizers)


You can make the most delicious (and HEALTHY) pancakes with them.


Not to mention delicious nana “ice cream” or “nice cream” as the vegans tend to call it ;-)


Also, this is potentially the most delicious smoothie recipe out there (sub almond milk and coconut yogurt for vegan!)


People love bananas so much their vans overflow with them.


Or they just create massive, public, banana hoards. 


Nanas are good for good moods because they are shaped like smilez :-)


And they go well with any other fruit out there! <3 Like these ^^

So these are a few of the reasons why I love bananas and decided to make this post to share their greatness. Stop what you’re doing and eat a banana TODAY!  

In a somber but important move this week, Alaska’s Supreme Court ruled that the same-sex partner of a person killed on the job should have access to the protections offered by the state workers’ compensation law.

This law states that employers must provide survivor benefits, usually through insurance, to the surviving spouse of a person who dies because of a work-related injury.

“This is a wonderful ruling for same-sex couples in Alaska who have built lives and raised families together but were at risk because they were barred access to a critical safety net created specifically to catch families at moments of crisis,” said Peter Renn, Lambda Legal Staff Attorney. “Like the avalanche of decisions we’re seeing from every corner of this country, the court recognized that loving, committed same-sex couples should have equal access to the law’s protection.”

Today’s ruling came in Harris v. Millennium Hotel, a lawsuit filed by Lambda Legal seeking survivor benefits for Deborah Harris, the same-sex partner of Kerry Fadely, who worked at Anchorage’s Millennium Hotel and was shot and killed in 2011 by a disgruntled former employee.

Alaska does not recognize marriage equality, so this is a crucial step for same-sex couples who rely on one another, just like anybody else. Way to go. 

✿ the benefits of going greek from A to Z! ✿

The sorority sugar blog celebrates being greek from bid day to grad day… and beyond! There are so many benefits to joining a sorority, it’s difficult to name them all. But these are some of the best reasons to give recruitment a try! 

Reasons to Join a Sorority from A to Z: 

Academics: Greeks routinely earn higher GPAs, win academic awards and excel in their fields of study on campus. High academic standards, study sessions and educational support is a part of every chapter. 

Blossoming: A new member has the opportunity to personally blossom and grow during her years at college. Sorority sisters flower into strong women who reach their full potential. 

Character Building: Sisters must work as a team, respect others and live their chapter creed. Members are expected to meet the highest standards of respectable behavior.

Dedication: Greeks commit to something bigger than themselves. They dedicate their college days to their dear sisters, their philanthropy and the founding principles of their sorority. 

Energy: If a PNM wants an action-packed college experience, then going greek is the best way to get it. Greeks are very active in their chapters, clubs, sports, fundraising, leadership, social causes and everything they do. 

Fun Times: There is no getting around the fact that sorority girls have THE best social lives on campus! Good times are mandatory. Socials, mixers, exchanges, fraternity parties, greek games, costume events, galas, formals, semi-formals, sisterhoods, retreats, trips, etc……

Greek Community: Involvement in a NPC sorority opens the doors to the entire greek community. Socializing, volunteering, partnering and competing with other sororities and fraternities expands a member’s total experience. Learning to be gracious win or loose is also a plus. 

Happiness: Having close friends to laugh, talk, dance and share rituals with ~ makes sorority girls the happiest girls on campus! Add to that; crafting, recruiting, big/little, sharing and caring. True contentment is found on greek row.

Involvement: Looking for a way to be involved in university life? Then joining a sorority is THE way to go. Amazing chapter, panhellenic and campus-wide involvement is available to all greeks. Get off the sidelines and be a part of the scene.  

Joy: Pure joy is opening your bid day envelope to see the name of your favorite sorority. Pure joy is rushing the into the arms of your new sisters. Pure joy is getting your favorite big/little at reveal. Pure joy is sharing four years together and staying involved with your sorority for life. Find your JOY ~ go greek! 

Knowledge: Learning is a big part of being in a sorority. Members learn chapter history, the greek alphabet, marketing, recruiting, chapter operations, rituals, charity facts, national policies and more.  

Loyalty: Loyalty is lacking in society today. But sisters experience it to the fullest. They pledge loyalty to their sisters and to the values of their chapter. Respecting ritual and honoring what greek letters stand for, strengthens a sister’s inner core. 

Management: By holding an office or chair position, a sister learns excellent management skills. Greek girls organize fundraisers, recruitment, special events, formals, retreats and socials ~ just to name a few activities that develop supervisory skills.  

New Friends: Making friends is a TOP motivation for joining a sorority. When away from home, connecting with a solid group of girlfriends is very important. Sisterly support, security and love means a tremendous amount to greeks. 

Opportunities: A world of networking opportunities is open to sorority members through the greek community. Sisters, alumnae, advisors, national headquarters and the panhellenic council all offer connections for careers and personal enrichment.  

Polish: When a freshman goes away to college, she may be a little rough around the edges. The sorority experience polishes a sister in areas of fashion, grooming, manners, making conversation, giving speeches, performing, relating to others and acting graciously. 

Quick Thinking: A sister must learn to think on her feet. When recruitment goes wrong, the fundraiser flops, or the sisterhood retreat is a mess, a sorority girl must act quickly to make things right. From difficult rush conversations, to dealing with the university administration, greeks learn to be sharp problem solvers. 

Responsibility: Members must be responsible for paying dues, attending meetings, volunteering, dealing with upset sisters, maintaining a big/little relationship and keeping the chapter going strong year after year. Learning how to handle responsibility is a big part being a sorority sister.

Skills: Go greek and learn conversation skills, people skills, leadership skills, patience, forgiveness, sharing, flexibility, crafting skills, politics, public relations, performance ability and what it means to live in a house full of sisters. 

Time-Management: A sorority sister must be super smart with her time. Greeks balance many commitments in college. Members learn to prioritize, juggle their schedules and meet their obligations.

Understanding: Expressing empathy with sisters’ problems is an important part of chapter life. Being supported in your own difficult time, is a true blessing. Having sisters pick you up when you stumble is the real meaning of sisterhood. 

Vivaciousness: If you are a shy PNM, then participating in recruitment will cure you quickly. Going greek prompts girls to come out of their shell, be more outgoing, bubbly and enthusiastic. Get excited! 

Wild & Wacky: Having crazy times with your sorority sisters is the best time of all. Doing silly things, making fools of yourselves, dancing on tables and living wild & free is what it’s all about. Greek life isn’t only serious responsibilities. There are lots of goofy greek moments too. 

XOXO: Hugs and kisses between sisters are the sweetest of all. Big/Littles, GBigs, GLitties, Twiddles, and other close relationships are one-of-a-kind-only-in-a-sorority special. The love must be experienced to be understood.

Yearly Growth: Each year offers sisters new chances for being active, growing their family, creating new crafts, running for office and participating in new events. Fresh opportunities are a big part of life as an active and an alum. Sorority dynamics are always evolving.

Zealousness: Enthusiasm for greek life spills over into every area of a sister’s life. Being excited about sorority “sugar”, wearing letters, recruiting new members and improving the chapter makes a sister more fervent about the world around her. Being greek elevates everything in life!

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

The fact that some of the people who help us may have no intention of doing so is irrelevant. We receive benefit from their actions, so from our point of view this is a kindness. Rather than focusing on their motivation, which we do not know anyway, we should focus on the practical benefit we receive. Everyone who contributes in any way toward our happiness and well-being deserves our gratitude and respect. If we had to give back everything that others have given us, we would have nothing left at all.
—  Geshe Kelsang Gyatso - “Eight Steps to Happiness”

anonymous said:

Hi! What are the benefits of a keto diet?

Hey :) there are many benefits of the keto diet, a lot of them I can account for from my own experience, and then I’m sure a lot of other lchf/keto blogs can agree too, here are the common benefits:

  • Weight loss - The main benefit of keto diets is that it increases the body’s ability to utilize fats for fuel so it’s very ideal for weight loss
  • Cancer - Sugar feeds cancer cells causing them to proliferate. Therefore, a diet which eliminates sugar and other carbohydrates may be effective in reducing or fighting cancer. The regular cells found in our bodies are able to use fat for energy, but cancer cells cannot metabolically shift to use fat. Therefore, when cancer cells are starved of sugar they die. 
  • Pee out fat - If the body has no further use for ketones they can simply be excreted through urine as a waste product. This means that at times your body will be peeing out body fat! (that’s kinda gross)
  • Protein sparing - Ketosis has a protein sparing effect, assuming that you are consuming adequate quantities of protein and calories in the first place. Once in ketosis the body actually prefers ketones to glucose. Which means it doesn’t need to burn protein to get glucose through that process called glucoge-something that is extremely long.
  • Decrease in hunger - Due to the increased fat consumption (which are also mostly foods high in protein aswell), you can experience a decrease in appetite - I personally don’t get hungry frequently when I’m on keto and don’t have the urge to snack, which suits me perfectly because I prefer to have 3 big meals rather than lots of small ones.
  • Cholesterol - Apparently it increases levels of HDL cholesterol (the ‘good’ kind) and helps to manage levels of LDL (the naughty one)
  • Disorders and conditions - It is not only used as a healthy lifestyle, it is also used for conditions such as infantile spasms, epilepsy, autism, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, depression, stroke, head trauma, Parkinson’s disease, migraine, sleep disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety, ADHD, irritability, polycystic ovarian disease, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux, obesity, cardiovascular disease, acne, type 2 diabetes, tremors, respiratory failure and virtually every neurological problem but also cancer, and conditions where tissues need to recover after a loss of oxygen.
  • Energy - More energy (the brain fog/fatigue you feel at the beginning fades and then you feel super energetic)
  • Beauty - You secrete more oil via your pores on a keto diet, which makes your skin healthier, and your hair is bomb too!
  • MA LEEEEGSSS OOOOH DA PAIN - Decrease in joint pain and other aches  

Obviously this way of life is not for everyone, and it’s just important to find out what works for you and YOUR body. There is no standard way you have to eat because everyone is different and is affected differently by what they eat! I eat this way because my body does not react well to a high carb intake for a prolonged period of time. Just do you, dude.

 I hope this was helpful!