If he doesn’t respond to your texts. But decides to text you at 10pm telling you how gorgeous you are, Do not respond.

If he tells you he misses you, and he still loves you even though he’s only hurt you time and time again, nod and walk away.

If he says he likes you a lot, but won’t commit, cut him off and move on.
If he made you cry, yet again. Don’t let him do it another time.

Don’t waste your time on boys who only use you when it’s convenient for them. Do not give them that convenience. You are not 7/11, you’re a human who truly deserves to be valued and respected. Know when to cut him off, and move forward, and focus your time onto something beneficial for you. You really deserve that. Know your worth, add taxes and don’t give any discounts. If he wants you, he’ll sweep you up without a second thought, and treat you the way you deserve.

—  You’re worth a lot more than he gives you credit for. 

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Harry's name got out there not with drinking , partying, drugs, multiple unknown girls a night. His name got out there because he was actually associated with a extremely popular boy bad as well as 'dating' lots of model and actresses. I still cant for the life of me see what they are doing with Louis image as good. Specially when we have visual support like today him looking absolutely rough. At this moment, i DO hope this is PR because the alternative is something i dont want to think about.

It is PR - Louis would not be papped every time, and Annas wouldn’t be promoting him and revealing where he’ll be each night otherwise.

As for Harry getting his name out there by dating celebrities, it’s counterproductive and too slow for Louis. I imagine that if they are seeding Louis and Harry for a coming out that it would be very NOT beneficial to give Louis a famous beard, and they simply do not seem to have the time for it. For whatever reason they are rushing Louis’ rebrand - maybe because they are going to be out soon, maybe for a reason not clear to us yet, but they are rushing it. Louis can’t afford to spend years building his image, it needs to happen now. 

The good this is doing for Louis image is that people are starting to know who he is. They are starting to recognize his name and face. I’m sure that this is tiring for him but I’m equally sure that he knows what he signed up for and that there is an end game in sight. 

You don’t have to like it from a fan perspective, but it is the best option for Louis’ public image in my opinion, and it is definitely better than a Haylor 2.0.

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Definitely true. I think the Taylor stuff was too much that it'll be obvious it was bearding rather than friends having assumptions made about them. Harry did tweet about not dumping Caroline which I suppose isn't a confirmation but both her and (1)

(2) nick have talked about it as if it was a real relationship.


Yeah looking at the exact wording of the tweet

the word ‘dump’ in quotes, acknowledging what other people say without claiming it yourself. Mutual decision to do what? Two people in a relationship to break up? Two friends to part ways? Two colleagues to end a mutually-beneficial pr stunt? Not said. This tweet isn’t a confirmation that Harry and Caroline dated.

Can’t comment on Caroline or Nick confirming it was a real relationship, as I’m not familiar.

It’ll be very interesting when all of the Jack Noirs+Dirk converge on the group–it’ll either be a huge clusterfuck or it’ll actually be beneficial

You have Bec Noir and PM, who are both extremely loyal to Jade; you have Spades Slick from the Midnight Crew with the Felt, who was the Jack from Karkat’s session and worked with the trolls to stage a coup against Derse; and you have crazy-eyes McPossessed Jack who is pretty much a wildcard

So whether Bec Noir and Spades Slick are going to work with the kids (due to alignments with Jade and Karkat) is up in the air, and who knows what Lil Cal Jack is going to do

Crystal Card of the Day: Chalcopyrite, “I am filled with the infinite healing energy of the Universe.”

Chalcopyrite can be used to help find lost objects. Many say it may also often disappear to accumulate information which will be beneficial to the user. Chalcopyrite enhances the abilities of perception and strengthens contact with the ancient cultures of the universe. Chalcopyrite does this by acting as a bridge - a connective force - between the physical and other cultures.

You can always use the code HCTUMBLR10 to receive 10% off your order :-)

<3  Robin

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Hi Sam! I've noticed that a lot of your RFM entries involve people overwhelmed by medical bills. I thought it might be beneficial for people to know that some hospitals will offer financial assistance through their foundation which can dramatically lower outstanding bills. There is a bit of paperwork that needs to be collected in order to prove the hardship, but if they can get a friend or advocate to assist with this while the patient works on healing, it can make a huge difference. :)

I don’t normally post ask-sent responses to asks but this was general info and I think it’s good to know. Most hospitals do have something like the Cook County Limit of Liability Office (the LOL Office, which never fails to amuse me) where especially if you go in through the emergency room, you can apply to be charged on a sliding scale. 

I think probably most people do what they can to get funding aid, and that the people on RFM face bills because for one reason or another they’ve fallen through the cracks (they make just too much to qualify, the state they’re in is fucked up, their particular condition disqualifies them) but it’s always good to inquire. Usually the foundations can be found via a link from the hospital’s website or by googling; they won’t always come to you voluntarily. 

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We don't want Louis to be known for being the party guy getting trashed. He should be getting more positive publicity. I get it is to raise his profile, but there has to be better ways than this. He doesn't want to get a Beiber reputation- that can end up being the publics perception of him, which is not beneficial at all. And look how Beiber has become known as a joke. I know, I know -have faith . Hope they know what they are doing

There…. is no comparison…. between going to a club and Justin Bieber going off the rails….. like at all…..


Haven’t written much lately.

It’s kind of hard to write your thoughts when you don’t even have much time to actually sit down and think about what’s going on. In the whirlwind of events that have been occurring lately, it was difficult for me to find the refuge to really debunk what is going on in my mind. While others find such focus and productivity beneficial I personally find such empty mindedness detrimental, because I’m not necessarily filling up that space with the presence of God. So if this post lacks Scripture or anything profound I apologize, I’m just trying to gather my thoughts for once.

The past two seasons have been especially difficult for me. The fire that I attained coming into the fall is definitely not burning as brightly as I hoped it would. However, this doesn’t go to say that my faith hasn’t grown or hasn’t changed through the trials, apathy and complacency. I’ve come to believe that sometimes even our emotions can be viewed as works. “If I only do this, then I’ll be a better Christian, if I read my Bible more then I’ll win the favor of God, if only I was more passionate, then I’d be able to be worthy of His presence.”

I know this seems like a ploy to get people to be comfortable and remain in apathy but I think it’s just the opposite. I believe there’s a difference between passion and faith, being spiritually on fire and being spiritually persistent in our walk. There should be no talk of “oh, I’m not right with God right now” because it wasn’t us who got right with Him in the first place anyways. Without His sacrifice and His common grace there wouldn’t have been the opportunity to even be on fire or even attain that passion for serving Him.

That’s why I think that the season of dryness calls for even more devotion, even more Bible reading, and even more prayer. Because while that fire may help us burn brightly, it is the practice of devotion and discipline of faith that will be the feeding of coal that helps that fire continue to burn in the future.

Like I said, the past months have been very tough for me. Always surrounded by my dance teams and fellowships, I find myself exhausted through all the interaction so when I finally get the one or two hours at home, I’m not sure what to do with myself. God feels distant and I feel unworthy to be in His presence because my heart and mind have been all over the place. Work is routine. While I can’t say I have a bad job, I don’t love it and have very little passion for what I’m doing. On top of these things, I’ve felt a crushing loneliness that never really seems to go away, with or without people.

In these times, do I have the emotional capability to really feel as exuberant and passionate about my faith as I normally would? Probably not. Most days I just want this life to end, I want everything to be over with, but I still pick up my Bible, I still cry out in prayer, and most of all I still have faith. I still remember His promise, His sacrifice and His love. Unfortunately it may not evoke the emotional reaction that it should, but I think that we need to remember that we are children of God not only by works or not even through emotion but by a rebirth through Jesus Christ.

And so I think the key is simply to look towards Him and walk, never looking away, regarlesss of how slow or fast you are going. Because through Him, at the end of the day whether you feel super gung ho about everything or not, through faith God can look at you at say “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”, and if we continue to remember that I believe that sooner or later it’ll resonate in our hearts like how it’s supposed to. So through faith, we have to push and fight and pursue Him a midst all of our complaining and struggling. Through faith, regardless of our spiritual highs and lows we have to keep praying and carrying out the opportunities of serving that God has laid out before us. And then through faith, maybe one day that fire in our hearts will begin to burn brightly again.

Hello IBD Community!

I just made this new blog so people with IBD can discuss the possible side effects they have experienced, or are experiencing, from the IBD medications they have taken or are taking. 

I just started taking Humira for ulcerative colitis and know that myself and plenty of others have to look out for side effects with this medication, along with all of the other IBD medications out there- so I was thinking a blog like this could help out the IBD community. 

Once submissions and posts begin to accumulate, I will create subpages based on every different medication that people talk about. This way, people in the IBD community can simply click a link and see who experiences what side effects on the same medications they are taking. This may be especially beneficial because tumblr can allow us to match up how different side effects may relate to different age groups, lifestyles, dosages, and other factors. 

SO FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A POST! I’m leaving the ask box open, along with the submissions option. 

In your post, it would be especially helpful if you could include your age, medication dosage, IBD diagnosis, and any other relevant information you are willing to share to help others get a better idea of what they should be looking out for in terms of medication side effects.

My biggest hope is that this blog will help at least one other person, especially if catching a side effect may help them prevent further medical issues.

So go ahead, PLEASE POST!!

Let’s try to make this blog a success for IBDers!

Thank you,

Angela ( )

In response to offbrandbatman​ — 

            “You can’t hold a grudge for forever. I thought you might need some help remembering why it was you and I worked so well in tandem. Besides, we’ve got a lot in common beyond a mutual adoration of Aristotle. A marrow-deep hatred for Bruce Wayne, for example…”

            His tone isn’t cocky – not like it usually is. Rather, it’s reflective of some deal of legitimate confidence that speaks towards his general degree of comfort when handling the surgeon-turned-rogue. He’s already solved this puzzle, you see. And despite falling several stories to an inhuman amount of agony against the pavement, so to speak, he’s well aware that the picture this puzzle comes together to form is more than beneficial.

            Nothing like a man that whispers to keep a few secrets, after all.

            “As for brushing up on my metaphors…”

           “I think you and I both know that it is impossible to improve upon perfection. Though I will say that I agree with Aristotle in saying that well-constructed riddles are attractive because they startle thought, among other things.”

I just saw somebodies tags on a post and they made… a really good point. What was the point of James and Lily switching their secret keeper from Sirius to Peter? According to Pottermore, the secret cannot be ‘forced, betwitched or tortured’ out of somebody, so unless Sirius was harbouring doubts about his own loyalty to James and Lily (which, you know, its Sirius, of course he wasn’t) then there was really no risk of the Voldemort getting the location out of him even if he knew Sirius was the Secret Keeper?? And therefore no benefit to switching to Peter?

‘Lily and James only made you Secret-Keeper because I suggested it. I thought it was the perfect plan… a bluff… Voldemort would be sure to come after me, would never dream they’d use a weak, talentless thing like you…. ‘

But like…. then what? Voldemort goes after Sirius either way… but if the Fidelius charm works as JKR says it does on Pottermore, then surely it wont make a difference anyway- he wouldn’t get the answer out of Sirius whether he was the Secret Keeper or not. The only benefit I can see of changing your Secret Keeper is if you trust the person you are switching to more, and they had no reason to trust Peter over Sirius, so why bother? Am I missing something or is this just kind of a flawed plot point?  

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snake!obi-wan fighitng. Maybe he wields a lightsaber with his tail, maybe he uses the force? Maybe since he's a basilisk he controls the power of his eyes and stuns people, petrifies droids, and kills Sith?

Over a dozen years under Qui-Gon’s careful tutelage had brought Obi-Wan’s skills with a lightsaber up to a respectable level. He could keep up and even beat his Master on occasion and he’d learned to take full advantage of his strage style, utilising his high talent with Force levitation when ever opportunity rose.

His growing talents and the sheer strangeness of his way of utilizing a lightsaber often gave him an edge in a fight - no one expected a flying lightsaber from a fifteen meter monster of some thousand kilos, after all.

And yet against the Sith, he was next to useless. The zabrak completely out manoeuvred him and Qui-Gon both, leading them down to the Naboo plasma refinery where, on the catwalks, he used the terrain against Obi-Wan with insidious skill.

For all the things Obi-Wan could do now… jumping wasn’t one of them. And though he could use a lightsaber at increasing range, even that had its limits - and if Obi-Wan couldn’t see the fight, there was no safe way for him to engage in it. Not without risking his Master.

Against the ancient enemy of the Jedi, Obi-Wan was useless.

It’s still “a no from me.”