Hello! I haven’t done one of these in a while and my blog taste, so to speak, has changed so here we go. A list of my favourite blogs!  

a - d: amyponder, ameliahpond, a-torvs, agent-pond, amypon, benedct, bjornandresens, bradleyjjames, breakfaust, bluekulelecompanions, calikalie, cruciothelights, charlottewatsons, charlottecharls, doomslock, drumsofgallifrey

e - h: excalibee, ederveen, everlark, hobbitling, holmesque, hummingmetallica

i - l : itsmoriarty, impossible-amelia, ineedyourraggedyman, justkarenness, karungillan, karengillan2, llilypotter, lestrads, lovegoods, listening-for-woodworm

m - p: mycrofteas, mcnivens, meliapond, moontopmountain, nicehairclever, neverknowingly, nereides, onlyholmes, planets-bend-between-us

q - t: ronwsly, raggedymans, samecoin, sansarystark, silverstags, stormcages, ssherlock, sentiment-is-defect, tuperting, thenobledonna, the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick

u - z:  wheresclara, wordslock,  wisdomfairchild, watsonly,  

i feel like i’m missing people if you think you should be on here come and yell at me because i honestly feel like i’m missing a lot of people but i tried


So this is my first follow forever! I suggest that you check out these blogs because they are wonderful, and they make my dash a brighter place.

angelicmanhattan ~ anothermindpalace ~ areyoutryingtodeduceme ~ aristophrenic ~ bbcsherlockftw ~ bene-batch ~ benedct ~ boredsociopath ~ canyoupassmeapen ~ cluedoed ~ cumberbitchsandwich ~ cumberbuddy ~ cumbergasms ~ cumberlord ~ cumberqueen ~ cumbersassmasterbatch ~ doomslock ~ espynosa ~ herrholmes ~ ireneadlered ~ iwillburnthejohnoutofyou ~ johnwatsonismyspiritanimal ~ junejuly15 ~ martincrieff ~ mistletolmes ~ ratweddingbow ~ scienceofdeductions ~ sherlockeen ~ sherlockisthebest ~ sherlockspeare ~ shocklock ~ smaugings ~ stagling ~ thescienceofjohnlock ~ threepatchproblem ~ wintermindpalace

Just because your url isn’t on here, doesn’t mean you aren’t awesome! I love you all and Happy Holidays! <3