Flat shoes ‘BANNED from Cannes red carpet’ after organisers insist all women wear high heels

The film festival recently banned red carpet selfies, but its latest ruling means all women, regardless of age or medical condition, must wear heels to screenings

“Cannes Film Festival may be known for its style, but this year it’s taken a step further than usual - by banning FLAT SHOES on the red carpet, it’s been reported.

The strict dress code which means movie stars are always immaculately turned out was stepped up for the screening of Carol, a pro-LGBT romance starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, and resulted in many being turned away for donning unacceptable footwear.

Senna director Asif Kapadia, whose Amy Winehouse documentary Amy was screened during the festival, tweeted that his wife had received similar treatment, but was eventually let in.

A number of women were turned way from the premier for wearing “rhinestone flats” according to Screen Daily - even though some of them were reported to have medical conditions.

Cannes declined to comment on the matter to Screen, but did say it is mandatory for women to wear high heels at red carpet screenings.

Many male stars appearing at the event have stated that they are going to wear heels on the red carpet to shine a light on the ruling.

French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve apparently says that he and actors Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro will walk the red carpet in heels to protest the flat shoe ban.”

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“Regardless of age or medical condition”?!?!? 


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