I was working on a Thalher Clutch, and I got a little pissed off at the design of one of them so I wanted to mess around with one that wasn’t part of the clutch theme. Asked my buddy for color scheme, she gave me orange and black.

Came up with this fellow. Though he’d technically be a gold by site standards, and Golds are only ever Female… I still can’t see him as female. So behold, a male Gold Thalher. 

Thalhers are a creature of my creation, and are home to Benecio. A Dragon Riders of Pern Role Play Forum run by a good friend of mine and myself. It’s not ready for the public yet, but we are working on it.

A little on Thalhers, they are vicious brutal creatures that fear nothing and love nothing more than battle. The queen of our resident pack is a prime example of their brutality, killing a dragon in battle. Thalhers are roughly the size of a horse mind you, and Leetah successfully killed a dragon on this site before it changed ownership and was temporarily shut down.

EDIT: Apparently the new Head Admin deems Benecio ready for reopening. Which means there will be a super awesome Thalher Clutch hatching soon enough.

Benecio part 2: Revenge of the Showerpeople

Today, Bececio is sitting with the homeless version of my ex’s mom. She mumbles something about the newspaper in front of her, then something about showering. “You know”, Benecio says, “I don’t always have to be there with you while you shower. I can wait over here” (he motions left), “or over here” (he motions right). She nods, and continues on about the newspaper. “You got any cash on you?”, he asks in a superior tone.  “No, no cash”, she says without looking up. He sighs in disappointment, breathing out a mouthful of smoke in the process.


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