Great news! Over the weekend, Bending Steel won the jury award for Best Documentary Feature at the Oxford Film Festival! Big thanks to our festival and jurors, who wrote: 

Documentary filmmaking is more than just picking up a camera and recording events, it’s about telling a real story in a way that’s both compelling and cinematic. For taking one man’s personal mission to achieve the seemingly impossible and making it relatable to anyone who’s ever followed a dream, and for telling that story through gorgeous cinematography, tight editing, and strong character development, the jury awards Best Documentary Feature to BENDING STEEL, directed by Dave Carroll.

It was an absolute honor to have ‘Bending Steel’  participate at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. The programmers, staff and volunteers did an excellent job of running the show and taking care of us throughout the week and a half.  

It was an honor to have shared the experience with Ryan, John, Fernando, Allan, Lance, Hollis, Kia and the rest of the ‘Bending Steel’ gang.  It was also an equal pleasure to have shared it with some great filmmakers, Deidre Shoo and Michael Beach Nichols of ‘Flex Is Kings’ and   Daniel Patrick Carbone & Co. of ‘Hide Your Smiling Faces.’  Kindred festival spirits for sure.

Thanks for the good times.


Every day for the next week leading up to the Bending Steel world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, we will be presenting a new design that presents a challenge to the self-imposed limitations of body and mind.  These ideas are what we feel are at the heart of Bending Steel.  If you believe in breaking free from those limitations please share these images with your friends, family and the world.  Let’s inspire everyone around us to overcome whatever it may be they are struggling with.  Because on the other side there is greatness.