So released almost entirely under the radar(seriously, very few stories on this) the FDA approved a morning sickness drug, now the only prescription morning sickness drug on the market as far as I know, that was banned over 30 years ago for possible risks.

It used to be called Bendectin, but will return to pharmacies under the name, Diclegis. A different name for the same drug? Yeah, not shady.

They said they’ve been studying this drug since its ban and deemed it safe. I’m not much of a conspiracy nut, but “big pharma” and the FDA are notoriously in cahoots, a lot of money being funneled into pockets it doesn’t need to be. We all know there are A LOT of “FDA approved safe drugs” out there that definitely tow the line of safe and passed out liberally by doctors. And don’t think this won’t be another. Doctors pushed by drug reps, and then given to any pregnant person claiming they have nausea(which honestly can get very dangerous for some, but still a classic symptom in almost EVERY PREGNANCY!!).

And every article I can find, and a quick google search of “Bendectin”, are full of testaments of mothers and fathers and relatives of children born after a bendectin pregnancy. It’s really shocking and I encourage anyone who may be pregnant or love someone who may be pregnant to read up on this before you need to know.

Stay informed, make smart decisions.