until you
                ჩ ɾ ε მ ƙ

      until you
                ƈ ɾ მ ƈ ƙ

      until you
                მ ƈ հ ε

                                                       ჩ მ ƈ ƙ

On the Road

Lessons so far:

You will get hungry and there will be no food in the car but goldfish and nothing will be open but McDonalds

You will get very mad at each other for backseat driving and/or almost crashing into soft shoulders

You will freak out over exciting things such as mountains and goats

You will underestimate how long it takes to get to destinations and have to sleep at a rest stop on a busy freeway instead of in an idyllic meadow underneath a mountain range

You will get to Bend, Oregon, and never want to leave again

(To be continued)