can you believe this year RM spent millions on chicharito and CubedJames how do you break the bank for the most overgassed player in the world cup and europe’s favorite benchwarmer 

Petr Cech admits he’s likely to leave Chelsea this summer. Whilst he admits he’s played well and made a positive impact for the club when selected, he feels becoming a benchwarmer is not for him.

Talking to the Sydney Morning Herald ahead of Chelsea’s Australian tour next month, he said: “I feel that every game I played, I played on the level I was required to be. It was very positive for me and it gave me the reassurance that I’m ready to play and I want to play, so let’s see what’s going to happen at the end of the season. I have no plans yet and as soon as the season is over, I’ll look to the future and just see what I want to decide. I feel that I’m fit and ready to play and I don’t want to lose time on the bench.”

lol i know no one cares

i just got back from the BEST team dinner ever

like, we ordered pizza and and played this weird game where someone whispers a word to the one next to them and then at the end it’s completely different (and yes, it always turns nsfw pretty quickly) and then never have i ever

then we ate a bunch of cookies and crap and put the benchwarmers on the side of the persons house, and i was also “pushed” into the pool and then a few others joined and me and three other girls wrestled the last seniors phone from her and tossed her in and it was hilarious, but then i couldnt go in anymore cause my friend was driving me home in like half an hour and her dad would be pissed if i got in wet

also we started talking a bunch of ridiculous photos (we were all either in sports bras or just rolled up shirts tucked into their bra, two of my favs im in was me and this other freshman pretending to be victoria secret models, and one were me and others look ridiculous like cradling boobs or like awkwardly pushed against each other and the senior almost posted it saying “and people say softballs a lesbian sport”, but my parents don’t even want me posting photos in a bikini, they would be pissed over this) and yeah it was sooooooo fucking fun

to sum up: tonight was really fucking fun, and i’m really not usually into this kinda stuff (wicked introvert) but we’re so close and have so much fun. people always talk about how football is always the team/family sport, but no one realizes softball can be exactly the same, sometimes even more 

amazon-x said: I love your meri doll, too!

Thank you!  The Meri doll is extra special - you can’t really see it in this picture, but she’s got a pin on her that says ‘Librarian’ (which I didn’t know about when I picked it out!) so she’s definitely sitting in her rightful place keeping watch over the collection. :)

rembrandtswife said: *applause*

*bows*  Thank you!  Also, in response to your post from earlier, I’m not following Diane Duane on here just yet, for the fear that I’d make an utter tit out of myself fangirling over her. ;)  Seriously, those books were such a formative influence on me when I first discovered them as a young preteen (and reading them in the dugout while playing benchwarmer for my little league softball team - I was certainly no athlete, lol) that I’m still in awe.  One of the books in the Young Wizards series has one of my absolute favorite quotes in it too.  So yes, I’m a chicken, LOL.

hxans said: Nice shelfie :D

Ha!  Thank you. :D

dizzy-redhead said: Pretty pretty!!! <3

*strokes the shelves*  Aren’t they just?  If it’s not obvious yet, my books are very important to me. ;)

msjarvis said: Good job!!! And impressive collection!! :)

Thanks hon!  I’m rather proud of the collection - and it’s not even all of them!  I’ve still got quite a few books that I’d like to bring over that are still in my parents’ house, however as I’m flat out of room for them, there they shall stay until I have a bigger place.

pheylan13 said: Looks great!  I’m a bit weird in that I find organizing my books very peaceful. Definitely the best thing about unpackigg after a move
Thank you!  If it wasn‘t as hot as hell in my apartment today (and humid too) it would have been a far more enjoyable experience.  That being said I agree with you totally about organizing the books, and making sense out of all of the words.  The pain in the ass part is moving them during the move, because damn those boxes are heavy. ;)

gerundsandcoffee said: That looks great!!!!!

Why thank you!  I’m rather fond of it myself, hehe.  But it also has the benefit of making this room look a bit more put together too, especially as I can’t put anything on the walls because the plaster in this place is so crappy it can’t even hold one of those sticky hooks on there without crumbling.  But no matter - books are my wall decorations. ;)

Forever Underwater + Brotherly Love Productions present Lords of the Undersound 6, featuring local hungerground acts. Music, art, craft beer, and networking to further connect the South Florida scene.


  • FRI 5 - Lords of the Undersound 6: 6 Cardinal w/ The Benchwarmers Clique, Koi Kurama + Funkshway, Bibi Borsa, Cronos, Shark Anthony @ Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery - Boca Raton, FL


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