May 22, 2015

Build to a 1 Rep Max

My Max: 170#

Not a PR. But damn, did that go up smoothly. Went right up to 180#, thought I’d hit it no problem. But GODDAMMIT WHY ARE MY LEGS SO WEAK!? I made four attempts… got under it the first and last time. Pretty sure I could have gotten under 185#, too. But that’s neither here nor there. Because apparently I wouldn’t have been able to stand it up anyways. I tried SOOO hard to stand it up LOL. SO HARD I’M SO CLOSE. Why can’t I just have the normal problem that most people have? I just want to be able to get under it and have the guarantee that I’ll stand it up LOL. Yes, you’re gunna say “Ash, squat more.” But the thing is, yes, my clean goes up, but this will forever be a problem LOL. I realize the secret to getting my clean up is squatting more. And I’m thinking about doing that front/back squat cycle again. Unless anyone has any other suggestions.. lol.

For Time:
5 Rounds
12 Deadlifts 105#
9 Hang Power Cleans 105#
6 Push Jerks 105#

My Time: 10:04

So, 6:14 PR since last time I did this (October 6)!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Seriously, I don’t know, but I feel like this is a pretty decent time. BUT IDK. My goal was to get all of the jerks unbroken. Which I did!!! Also, they were all touch-and-go too (killin it). And pretty sure that’s a big factor in the decrease in time. But this is mainly due to the fact that I’m getting a lot stronger. SO, YES. Everything else was MOSTLY sets of 2s. Wait.. not sets of twos. Like.. did each movement in 2 sets. LOL oh I’m so good with words.. this is why I deal with math you guys… But yeah.. always dropped before the last rep of everything (minus jerks). Deadlifts I stopped at 11 to change my grip to clean grip and cleans I stopped at 8 to make sure I could get all of the jerks unbroken. Okay, so I guess a good thing I should start doing for benchmark WODs is create a list of goals for next time. Because sometimes (almost always) when we repeat a WOD I go back and see how I did, but sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly what happened and where I thought I could improve. So, here’s a list:

1. SUB 10 - like you know you could have done it this time.. stop pussying out
2. Keep sets as unbroken as possible - AKA try to keep deadlifts at 11 - 1, cleans at 8 - 1, and jerks all unbroken at 6.
3. Keep a good pace - go faster than you think because it will be over faster than you think.. I definitely slowed down too much this time thinking I’d be way out of energy or breath. or whatever. YOU CAN DO IT. SUCK IT UP LOL.

10:04 DT

I know I’m behind posting.. and I’ll make a WOD post later… but SOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. it deserves its own post.. over a 6 minute PR since.. 7 months ago. Upset I totally pussied out on getting sub 10. I know I could have done it. But whatever. Coach was so proud of me. Coach validation is the best for some reason. He said it was “awesome.” And that I just need a barbell in WODs to do well 😄. What can I say.. I love me some barbell. Sub-10 DT I’m comin for you. 😊

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Finally! After weeks of waiting. 700 Followers!!

Okay, down to business.

You see the picture here? ‘Course you do. The reason I made this is because I have good news. My computer-techno wiz father FINALLY decided to help speed my PC. So now, I’m running the internet and playing games better and faster, plus got shit-loads of room in it. So, with that said and some thought into this, I am happy to say that your two favorite Canterlot pony guards are going to be having a blog together.

Now, If you guy Really, really, REALLY want this to happen, this post and only this post must have at least 30 notes. reblogs, likes, whatever it takes to make this idea real.

Now, I’ll ask only this once.

Do you want BlooandMidnightQ-and-A?


I don’t have a name for her yet, because we don’t have naming conventions for Xaela. However, she’s based on an old character of mine who is currently called Lysander - I’m going to fantasia her when Heavensward arrives. I’m very attached to her and I wanted to make her in XIV, but until now I never quite found a look or a story for her that worked the way I wanted. Although I am still not entirely happy with what SE did with the Au Ra, I am fond of them and this race really suits the character I’m trying to make, so yeah. I’m quite pleased. I’ll think up a proper backstory for her when we get more lore, for now I just have a few bits and pieces lying around.

kelly sucks

I had to do Kelly, a CrossFit benchmark workout, for the gym’s healthy eating challenge. I’ve been putting it off because, well, look at it:

5 rounds for time:

  • 400 m run
  • 30 box jumps 
  • 30 wall balls

Finished in 31:01 with step-ups and and a 12# ball (because 150 wall balls = no joke).

The running, surprisingly, was the worst part. The wall balls were definitely rough, but I wore old sneakers and my feet cramped up every 20 seconds on the run. Ouch.

I almost want to redo this in a month or so. I just want to finish under 30 minutes.