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This is a Mojo giveaway. It is a script purchased from the theatre and is the current version (-has a list of the current production’s credits inside). 

It has been signed by all of the cast:

  • Rupert Grint
  • Brendan Coyle
  • Colin Morgan 
  • Ben Whishaw
  • Tom Rhys Harries
  • Daniel Mays 

They know this is for a giveaway and hopefully going to someone who really wants it and perhaps won’t get a chance to see the play or meet them.

(If you look closely Ben Whishaw used the wrong side of the Sharpie) The script was taken inside to get signed by everyone (I can’t think of whose signature is the one bottom right, but I’ll go find out tonight hopefully)

RULES (should you want to own this glorious playtext): 

  • REBLOGS only please (though who am I kidding, there will be likes). 
  • You don’t have to follow me, but it would be nice. 
  • ENDS 08/02/14. 

Last but not least to add I’m also doing a Coriolanus giveaway here and to credit Emily for helping with everything Mojo. 


Just adding this will end at midnight tonight (today being the 9th, ending 10th Feb 00:00am). I’ll make a post when the winner has been contacted. 

BBC News: Matt Smith exit prompts Doctor Who speculation

The news that Matt Smith is to leave his role in Doctor Who at the end of 2013 has already prompted speculation on the identity of his replacement.

A host of names have been suggested in Sunday’s papers, among them Idris Elba, Dame Helen Mirren and John Hurt.

Also included in their list: David Harewood, Rupert Grint, Russell Tovey, Ben Whishaw, Billie Piper, Colin Morgan, and Tom Hiddleston

We have to say that the speculation so far on the twelfth doctor Tumblr tag has been smarter and more well considered and a lot more entertaining than what we’re reading in the press.

So keep it going.

In case you missed Saturday’s news, The BBC has announced that Matt Smith is to leave Doctor Who after four years on the show.


Rupert Grint, Tom Rhys Harries, Colin Morgan, Daniel Mays, Ben Whishaw and Brendan Coyle » The Mojo Cast (23 December 2013) [x]

♪ But say a prayer to pray for the other ones At Christmas time, it’s hard, but when you’re having fun There’s a world outside your window And it’s a world of dread and fear ♫


Saw the cast of ‘Mojo’ today! Way too intimidated to approach them, plus they looked really busy so I just have these terribly creepy pictures… The most star-studded wait at the traffic lights I have ever had! Colin Morgan is the one in the blue beanie (and super baggy trousers, lookin’ good), Rupert Grint in the green hoodie, Ben Whishaw in the black leather jacket!