The truth about the black belt

It doesn’t mean shit. You can go online and buy a black belt. Your goal should have never been to get a black belt but to train. I see too many black belts think they are so great and strong because of what is around their waste. I will send a “lower” rank out to spar them, a lower rank who put in just as much time and effort training, maybe some more, but who is humbler and might have more talent. When they are beaten I have to remind them, MARTIAL ARTS DOESN’T GO AROUND YOUR WASTE, IT GOES IN YOUR WHOLE BODY. A black belt just means you have been around for a while in that style, it doesn’t tell me what you can or can’t do. It just means you know certain forms, it doesn’t speak of how well you can defend yourself. A black belt is meaningless, what you know is all that matters.


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