Theory Time: Alison and Toby (and Jenna)

So, Toby and Alison hated each other, right? She blamed him for what happened with Jenna. Of course, she had to blame someone. But was there a particular reason she wanted him to suffer? And did she know it was Jenna in there? She also told the girls that Toby was spying on them, when she knew he wasn’t. Did she hate Toby and Jenna more than her usual enemies?


It’s been revealed from spoilers that in season 4 we’ll see flashbacks of when Ali and Toby used to actually be friends, before Jenna came along. My theory is that Ali fell for Toby, but he didn’t feel the same way, and even though I’m sure he would have been as nice as possible about it, she would see that as rejection. Now we know Alison hated rejection, so wouldn’t have taken that well at all. Especially as Toby was an outsider even then, so she would have been taking quite a risk for herself, liking him. Alison DiLaurentis rejected by Toby Cavanaugh. That would give her a strong reason to hate him. This is backed up by what we see in this flashback, when she says “I bet you wish you kissed me when you had the chance.”.

Here’s where Jenna comes in. We see in the flashback episode that Alison clearly saw Jenna as competition, so she would have already had reasons to dislike Jenna. Then Alison found out about Jenna and Toby’s ‘relationship’, and used it to blackmail them both. But how would it make Alison feel knowing Toby would rather be with his own stepsister than her?! She would take that out through hatred, and revenge… could she have thrown that stinkbomb in there knowing Jenna was in there, and planning to blame Toby, to get back at them both?

So that’s my theory, feel free to let me know what you guys think of it. :)

I’ve seen people saying that Spencer forgave Toby far too easily after what he did to her at the end of season 3, but this is what I think about that:

Yes, Spencer ended up in an insane asylum because of him, but that was because she missed him so much. She didn’t know how to go on without him. Which also explains why she forgave him. When she was in Radley, she wasn’t angry at Toby, she was angry at Mona for killing him. So when she found out he was alive, of course she was going to be incredibly glad of that.

I get where people are coming from saying that she shouldn’t have forgiven him so easily for being on the A team and hurting her, even if it was to protect her. But let’s not forget that if Spencer were to hold that against him, he has a lot of reasons to hate her too. She helped Alison blame him for blinding his stepsister when she knew the truth, and she blamed him for murdering Alison. They both have plenty of reason to be angry at each other, but they still love each other so much. If anything, this makes them more even in a way.

They’ve both wronged each other, but they both love each other and need each other. Their relationship is so powerful that they’re able to put these things aside, because if they don’t then they’ll just both end up hurting and missing each other.

That’s my perspective on it anyway.

Although I found Spencer’s breakdown in season 3 heartbreaking, I liked it because it made both her character and Radley more real.

She’s strong, but as with anyone, if pushed to her limit she can break. Also it showed that people in Radley are real people. We saw Spencer depressed, that blank lifeless stare in her eyes was awful to see after we were used to her bouncing around having had too much caffeine, but she was still Spencer we knew and loved underneath it. She’d just reached a point where she felt she couldn’t handle things anymore, and that’s a very human reaction. However even when she felt like she wasn’t herself and didn’t know who she was, the people who loved her knew she was Spencer Hastings and she was going to overcome that. And she did.

(And I have to mention what a fantastic job Troian Bellisario did of playing out that part in Spencer’s story, she is an incredibly talented actress.)

The A Team Theory

This theory is a little vague, but I’ll explain to you the basic idea idea of it.

I don’t think that Alison is A. I do think she’s alive, but I think there’s someone - or many people - above her. I think she’s being held hostage, forced to watch her friends suffer. Or she may be on the run from people who are going to hold her hostage and make her watch the girls suffer. We know she was trying to work out A and get close to them, I think she made the mistake of getting too close to her enemy. I think she slipped up somehow in her game, and got herself into this situation. When Alison (possibly) comes to see Hanna in hospital when she almost gets run over by A, she says to her that “telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I am”. If she really did come and it wasn’t Hanna’s imagination/painkillers, then that does sort of tie in with my theory.

So who do I think is above Alison? I think the A team is like a big army with different ranks, but without any of them knowing where they are in all of it. I think that Mona and Toby are near the bottom, Mona being above Toby, and Mona thinking red coat/Alison is in charge, when in fact she is being controlled by someone else.

I think whoever’s at the top is only aware of controlling a few people. But those few people then have their own secret minions which they haven’t told anyone about, and the minions have minions, and it all turns into this big complicated army with ranks, but that are all muddled up and that none of them know about. I also don’t believe it was only ever Mona who was A, and I think it’s possible that whoever’s at the top was once just working with Mona, and is still in contact with her but without either of them knowing that she’s being controlled by them.

So in conclusion I think that The A Team is a large group of people who don’t realise they’re all connected. The people in this large group could be any number of people, and lots of different people. Possibly Jenna, Melissa, Shana… There are so many people who hated Alison, and even people such as Jason - who we have reason to believe was involved in the A team by killing Garrett - who didn’t hate Alison. It’s even possible that everyone is A in a way without realising it.

That’s my theory on the A team, feel free to let me know what you think and if you agree/disagree. :)