[BENCHMARK] Starting weight: 175 lbs Current weight: 175 lbs? 

Its been a little under a year since I started lifting weights. Now I know this doesn’t look like much and it doesn’t feel like it either but from where I started this is most definitely an accomplishment. 

I’d be much bigger but since I cant get to a gym during summer and winter breaks im stuck with a slightly muscular, slightly small look. The funny thing is i’m the exact same weight as when I started out. it really hard for me to keep this weight up as it is; I’ve been 185 and 160 within this time as well.

Cant record my personal records either since I haven’t max out on anything yet Its clear what I have to work on now. My lower back is almost nonexistent. Barely did any core work outs so that’s something I have to change. Didn’t help that I spent that morning eating fried plantain either lol. My lats could also be better so I still have my work cut out for me.

Luke is definitely one of those guys who, while you two are in bed, him with his hand protectively rubbing your protruding belly, would wake you up because “babe look! Give me your hand! Can you feel our little nugget kicking?” And you’d kind of stare at him for a few seconds before mumbling a “Luke, the child is inside me, of course I can feel it” and he wouldn’t be able to sleep for the rest of the night because his little bub is real and growing inside of you and he’s going to be a dad.