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Getting into the Super Bowl spirit, I re-watched the drive that led to The Catch, the Montana-to-Clark TD pass that clinched SF’s win over Dallas in the 1982 NFC championship.  If you don’t want to see the entire drive (which starts DEEP in Dallas territory), cue to about 5:44.  

What struck me about this - aside from my newfound panic (WILL HE CATCH IT?!) - was that Landry and Walsh are dressed so professionally.  Landry was obviously a natty dresser, and his trademark fedora was a classic touch, but even Walsh looked as though he was headed to the clubhouse for a gimlet with his button-down+sweater combo.  

Contrast this with the mess of today where the coaches - and I’m looking at you, Bellichick - are looking more and more like they just got up, or worse, crawled out from under a bridge.  I know it gets cold out there, but a wool coat does the trick just as well or better than a hoody with the sleeves chopped off.  

Related, it’s nice to see a crowd full of people wearing trucker hats, unironically.