Change is good! Tis the only constant! Presenting my new project B.A.G. Woman! I had been carry a lot of load and now my bag, which is also known as my mouth because I have a partial hearing loss is open! If you went to college with me you would have known I use hearing aids! Have fun reading and when we see…speak slowly. Sadly, discrimination against the #deaf and hearing impaired is too much. And yes many people have disregarded me for jobs because of it. And also treated me unfairly. Now I am happy to talk about it and also show you my degrees which includes a course in Media Law as well as my friends at the Texas Department of Disability Service. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :-) #chloe #baylee #bag #bellew4 #sanantonio #dallas #paris #vienna #munich #newyork #chicago #losangeles #lovedmebacktolife