El baile tiene esa GRAN MAGIA que puede expresar tantos sentimientos. En este caso, y solo siendo un observador, sentí que me liberaba y le daba la bienvenida a algo grandioso, nuevo.

La sombra como un ave esta lista para volar y las cuatro sillas son espectadores leales a la antitesis de lo que proponen: cuerpos sentados sin vida.

@ Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC), Ciudad de México.

hibanami asked:

7, 50, 52, and 100! (\>w</)


  • 7 - Do you have any pets?

Yes! I do! I have two cats; the first is a cat I’ve had for about eight years, a black american shorthair cat named Countess Bellerina De Loria (but we all just call her Belle (>w<)) and a gray and white Main Coone that I’ve had for about five years that I love with all my heart named Grayson (/w\) He’s so soft and has the most beautiful green eyes and I love cuddling with him as I fall asleep (/w\) <333 He’s so affectionate <33 Belle is a scardy cat and I hardly ever see her (;w;) but she’s sweet too (/w\) she’s just super shy.

  • 50 - Left or right handed?

I am right handed! (>w<)/

  • 52  - Favorite food?

ITALIAN AND FRENCH AHHHH but if we’re talking about more specific things my favorite food is probably Pizza (uwu)

  • 100  - Color of your room?

My room is white!! \o/ Kind of an off white. I wanted to be able to add lots of posters and art in my room so I needed the walls to be white so that way I don’t have to worry about the colors not matching and a white wall always gets me wanting to do something creative (/w\) It’s like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be written on!

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