The fact that my girlfriend

Not only fails to discourage me from my muscle car and motorcycle habits, but actively encourages them, means two things:

One - I will have me a wife sometime in the near future

Two - We will be broke as hell and drinking gasoline for the rest of our lives

in addition to...

buying me a fire extinguisher for my car (since I almost caught fire), The Amazing Spider-Man on dvd, AND DEADPOOL CLASSIC VOL 3….

Bella has just purchased me a Harley Davidson shirt, long sleeved, cause it’s cold outside. 

I have the best girlfriend ever. 

drugsound said:

Alright man, I said I don't have a beef with you. I'm done, and trying not to make this any bigger than it needs to be. It may have been out of line, but by that logic, calling my girlfriend a snide condescending bitch was also out of line. So him and my girlfriend were both out of line, and I don't have a problem with him or you or Bella, and that's where I'd like to end this. If you feel that isn't fair, then I apologize.

Well, that is exactly how she came across. Or actually, I felt she came across more as a jealous bitch. But hey, whatever. Like you said, I’ve got no beef, you’ve got no beef, lets all go on our merry fucking way at this point and shut up about it. That being said, your girlfriend apologizing to mine would certainly be in order! Y’all have a merry christmas now. 

anonymous said:

dude. your girl is fucking sexy

No fucking shit greyface. She’s sexy as fuck, sharp as a tack, and not a bad shot either. Did I mention she also likes horror movies, video games, cooking, and old cars? She’s the perfect girl for me.