Bella & Chloe go to The Homestead

Yesterday we had the pleasure of getting out of the office to photograph our jewelry with bunnies and chicks for Spring.  We traveled to The Homestead in Balch Springs, TX to meet Deby and her array of farm animals. Deby’s story of how she came to care for all of her animals and build The Homestead was inspiring and we had a great time meeting and learning about her different animals. Of the animals she currently has most are rescues she has been given to nurse back to health; but she also breeds rabbits and chickens. We got to meet horses, a llama, goats, peacocks, swans, ducks, and of course her impressive rabbits and chickens. The photos above show some of the baby bunnies we met, including a newborn Flemish Giant and his 30 lb. dad! We also got to hold some of her little chicks and one fell asleep while we were holding it…too cute! 
Deby tends for these animals mostly on her own, with the occasional help of her sons. She has even had The Homestead certified as a Wildlife Habitat! She lives and pays for the care of the animals solely on the adoption/sales of her rabbits, so if you or anyone you know is in the market for an adorable pet bunny rabbit contact Deby! They really are some of the cutest and friendliest rabbits we have ever met.

Deby Stewart: 469.964.7377


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