The ones who make it now; they earn it. They all earn their spots. They all work hard, they all create. They all have to be really good at this. You could coast through this a few years ago by just looking a certain way or genetics, but not anymore. You look in that ring now and these fellows can all go, and go as good as anyone. - William Regal

Day 8 » A dream mixed tag team/trio/stable

A douchebag heel John Cena leading a group of people who weren’t given opportunities long ago but have them now as a part of a group spearheaded by a man whose sole purpose is to destroy the WWE from the inside. Cena is the WWE Champion; Randy Orton is the World Heavyweight Champion; Dean Ambrose has handed his United States Championship to Brad Maddox upon winning the Intercontinental Championship; Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns own the Tag Team Championships; and a returning Maxine has become the Divas Champion. John Laurinaitis mentors the group and touts them as the definitive force that will turn WWE upside down forever - and not a soul will stop them.

the origins of why it was called “the shield summit”

the shield are on the road to the next town. roman and dean are bickering about what songs to listen to on the radio while seth drives, his knuckles whitening as he clutches the steering wheel. he sees a halo in the distance, and as they get closer, he sees a gas station. finally a chance to get away from these idiots.

they park and walk inside, dean muttering, “we should’ve listened to some zep” while roman shakes his head and says, “kendrick lamar, moron.”

"don’t call me a moron, you idiot."


seth walks briskly into the bathroom at the back of the store.

roman and dean start looking through the candy aisle and remember they don’t wanna spend more than five dollars on snacks, so they choose wisely. kit kats, snickers, roman goes to the chips aisle and grabs some funions. he goes back to the candy aisle and spots them: jelly beans. he grabs a bag at the same time dean grabs a bag of pretzels.

they stare at each other, each holding their respective snacks. the store clerk watches intently, his mouth completely missing his bottle of water as he tries to take a sip. the only sound left in the store is the fridges humming.

"we’re getting the pretzels," dean simply states, gripping the bag tighter and breaking some of the pretzels.

"no," roman replies, pulling the bag of jelly beans off the plastic holder thing, "we’re getting the jelly beans. and you’re eating the licorice-flavored ones."

"roman, i’ve had enough of your shit, dude. either we get the pretzels, or you and i will have some problems."

"we already have problems, camel enthusiast."

"LOOK, DON’T MAKE ME-" dean stops, realizing something. "no. you know what? we need to do this."

"do what?"

dean lets go of his pretzels; roman holds onto his bag of jelly beans. dean grabs his phone out of his pocket and dials a number. it’s seth on the other line.

"seth, get out here. we’re trying to decide what we wanna do with the last snack to buy."

"are you serious, man, i’m trying to use the bathroom…"

"you know what we gotta do so get out here NOW."

"dean, wh-"

"we have to call a summit."

dean hangs up and looks at roman whose brow is wrinkled in absolute confusion.

"a summit? can’t you just say we all need to talk?"

"…no. that’s stupid. ‘summit’ sounds important, and i’m the one who came up with the idea to use it so we’re using it. shut up."

"you shut up."



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