believe what you want i guess

You know, I don’t really understand why so many got upset about the first part of that interview. There was nothing upsetting there for me, I couldn’t even tell you if I believed her or not.

I guess a lot of you weren’t here for the Doctor Who PR pre-Season 8, which was all about blatant nonsense to deflect from a relationship that became confirmed canon.

But I also think that it’s valid to question and criticize actors and TPTB when they say things that are a bit off. 

Is Megan accurate when she says that Lizzie’s in a dark place right now and thinking about a relationship wouldn’t be good for her? Yes obviously. But that’s not what she said. What she DID say was that shippers specifically wanted Lizzie to forget her own identity, her worries, etc to settle down with some man.

And honestly? That…isn’t really nice, does not create positive feelings, is pretty inaccurate and sweeping, and it’s relevant to discuss that critically. I don’t think TPTB or actors are required to be nice, but speaking about something in a dismissive way that lacks understanding isn’t really all that great.

And tbh, is that REALLY the impression we’ve been leaving them with? I get that twitter doesn’t give you much of a word count, but does excitement that is not elaborated upon = total disregard of a character and what they’re going through?

I believed that we could express our frustration with those statements specifically without focusing on the canonness of a ship tbh. I was certainly snarky about the statement, but I spoke that way with the assumption that people wouldn’t take that as commentary on MB’s entire character, which tbh I’m not a fan of doing to actors who are required to face the awkward mess that is PR. Especially women actors and other minority actors who have a harder time navigating all that without their jobs being effected.

And I just want to say, to anyone here who maybe doesn’t believe in love yet, I’ve been there, and I’ve definitely been someone who’s very like, cynical and jaded, and I thought that love was a bedtime story. And I guess what I want to say is that, for me now looking back, I realise that I was kind of missing out on a lot of things by feeling that way, and even though I think it’s okay if you’re not there yet or you don’t think it exists, I hope that for you, and I believe that for you; that one day you’ll feel it in some way, whether it’s between you and a friend or whether it’s something super serious, I don’t know.
—  Hayley introducing ‘The Only Exception’ at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville (May 17th)
Call to Action!!

Hey you long-time Noob the Loser fans! You followers who were here BEFORE the Behind-the-GIFs, before the CollegeHumors. You know who you are. You shitnerds. You were here back when this was just a D&D blog, and you remember when I asked you guys to submit stories and anecdotes and I’d do dumb bad drawings for them. Well guess what. WE’RE BACK, BABY. 

I’m putting something new together, potentially in partnership with Dorkly. The page is empty, but I want you guys to head over to and start sending me all those awesome stories and quotes and fun stuff you used to send me before! And YOU’D BETTA BELIEVE I’m gonna draw some of ‘em! 

I’ll have more news as the situation develops, but yeah, I’m formally committing my weekends to getting back in the D&D business.

Brother!Sammy (Pt. 5)

A/N: Part 5 for all you lovely people who asked me to continue. Fair warning that this is pretty long, so I’m sorry if you don’t like long sections. Also, requests for imagines or if you have any ideas on what I should write about are open! Just click here. Let me know if you want part six or if you are just tired of this story already, lol. It’s pretty long and I’m sorry. I’m kinda, sorta, getting towards the end? I guess, haha. But yeah, enjoy!

Pairing: Reader + Nate Maloley + Sam Wilkinson

Word Count: 4,000+ (yikes, sorry)

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 6

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Could you do syndisparklez, 20? The one about things you werent supposed to hear :D

Yes. Okay, can I just say I love how many syndisparklez requests I get? That and Motanite are my two most requested, and wow. I love it. Anyways, we’re going established relationship on this one, because I’m sick of writing the beginnings every time. I suck at making relationships. To infinity and beyond.


“Tucker, you will not believe what I have planned for Jordan,” Tom’s voice echoed in the courtyard of Tucker’s home.

Jordan had been on his way to assist Tucker with the testing of a spell when he had heard his lover’s voice. He instantly dove behind the entrance gate. He knew Tom well enough to know that if he was saying something like that, it was definitely something you’d want to hear.

“Lemme guess, lots of buttsex?” Tucker nonchalantly questioned.

Jordan blushed. Tom, obviously, did not. “Well, yes, but other stuff, too.”

Tucker perked up. “Ooh, we talking sneaky stuff?”

Tom laughed evilly. “Yes we are.”

Sonja, who’d been interested in watching the spell-testing, waved to Jordan and opened her mouth to greet him.

Jordan quickly shook his head and mouthed, “No!”

Sonja, thankfully, caught his drift and joined him just outside the gate. She manipulated the spell that they usually used to talk from great distances so that only Jordan could hear her. “What’s up?” She questioned.

“Tucker and Tom are planning something about me. I think they think they’re muted. Shh, listen,” He told her.

“There’s a potion that can make someone say whatever you want them to?” Tucker asked, surprised.

Jordan gasped angrily.

“Yup!” Tom smirked. “And it doesn’t affect their head, so it won’t actually mess him up. And anyways, it’ll only work for a couple of minutes.”

Sonja was shocked. “Why would he do that?”

Jordan shook his head. “We’ve got a bet. If I can go longer without making a pun than he can without swearing, then loser- uh…” Jordan blushed a bit thinking about the exact details of the bet. “Then the loser loses. He’s trying to beat me.”

“That’s evil,” Tucker laughed.

“I know. I’m totally using it to make him lose our bet,” Tom admitted.

“Told you!” Jordan huffed.

“Bro, you have to let me in on this,” Tucker insisted. “I wanna use this to prank Sonj!”

“That motherfucker,” Sonja hissed. “I’m going to kick his ass.”

Jordan held her back. “Hold up. We’ve got an opportunity here.”

Sonja looked at him, confused. “What do you mean?”

“Well, they’re planning something, and we know the potion. We can turn it on them and get revenge!” Jordan exclaimed.

Sonja was hesitant. “I really just want to kick their asses…”

“Please?” Jordan begged. “Come on, we can be Team BFs-get-rekt!”

Sonja laughed. “Fine, but we’re thinking of a better name.”


About a week later, Tucker and Tom planned out a double date for the two couples. Since Sonja and Jordan knew what was going on, they convinced James to crash and help them get revenge. The wizard agreed.

Tom poured the groups drinks just after they sat down at the Wizards’ tavern.

“Hey guys!” James greeted them, putting his arms around Tucker and Tom. “Wanna see a spell?”

James cast a spell that froze time for whoever he was touching. Once it was done, he gave Sonja and Jordan a thumbs up. “Good luck,” He said, disappearing.

Quickly, Sonja and Jordan switched the drinks in front of them with the drinks in front of their boyfriends. After it was done, they high fived and sat down.

The boyfriends in question unfroze and looked around. “Did Wag just…?” Tucker began. “You know what? I don’t want to know.”

Tom laughed awkwardly. “Well, cheers to that!” He laughed, prompting the group to raise their glasses and take a sip.

As soon as Tucker and Tom had taken a sip, they knew something had gone horribly wrong.

“Fuck,” Tom said.

“Aaaaand, I win!” Jordan cheered.

When what had happened dawned on the now-gotten pair, they both had the same oh-shit-we’re-fucked look on their face.

“Okay, I have to admit, this is a lot more fun than just kicking their asses,” Sonja laughed. “Now, what do you two have to say for yourselves?”

“We’re sorry we tried to trick you into saying whatever we wanted. We know that manipulation is wrong and we won’t do it again,” The pair said in a voice that wasn’t entirely unlike schoolchildren reciting something for their teacher.

Jordan planted a kiss on his boyfriend’s forehead. “I love you Tom, but if you ever try to cheat me in a bet again, you’re dead to me,” Jordan laughed.

“Jordan, I think you could say that they got themselves in an awkward potion-sition,” Sonja laughed.

“Fantastic use of pun, Sonj,” Jordan said, appreciating the pun.

Tom groaned to himself on the inside. Of course, he wasn’t too disappointed- his punishment is almost as good as what Jordan had won.


“You…look different.”

“I got older.”

“Look, Nyx…I think I need to do more than just apologise. What I did to you…I can’t believe I didn’t even think about what you would feel. I just wanted to…I guess I wanted to find true love and I didn’t realise I had already found it long ago. I…think it’s you, and now you’ll probably never forgive me…”

“You like me?”

“More than that. I love you.”

“Don’t worry. No matter what, I can’t not forgive you. It’s just not possible because…I love you too.”

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hey sasha your posts and theories are whats literally keeping me alive :D everyones been saying how what liam said is exactly what they wanted to hear... maybe for a reason? you think that what he said couldve been totally scripted right? tailored exactly to what people want to hear, as per usual?

Hey babe. Oh gosh, thank you. I’m just out here trying to make sense of this clusterfuck. 

I’m guessing there’s a lot of projecting going on. People who believe the official narrative just want a cosign. They want 1D to have been angry because they’re angry. So even though Liam was giving both verbal and visual cues of deception, it’s still all good to the people that want to believe. Basic as hell.

And yeah, when you’ve reached the point that you’re welcoming Modest’s lies, you’ve jumped the shark as a 1D fan. LOL Maybe just fall back and reblog cute stuff until you get your head together. 

Zombie-ing your way into my life

This title is stupid and so is the random thing I found when I was going thru my files. Written back in january lmao I can not believe. BUT I have a paper to write and no time for anything so I guess you guys can take this thing and make whatever you want out of it laughs.
It was also meant to be a first part of the first chapter of a multi-chap fic that is probably not going to be continued but SHR U GS I’ll draw for it may be. MAY BE 

Title: Zombie-ing your way into my life (will change may be it’s growing on me)
Summary: So they found a zombie that walked way too elegantly but Akashi is somehow more scary. Murasakibara has nice hair for a zombie apocalypse and Kise is afraid for his beautiful face life.
Warning: Idk what else is there besides my writing lmao. Technically he is dead but not really S HRUGS??? This and Warm Bodies has nothing to do with each other besides zombies and sappy crushes.


They had documented it. Rather, Momoi had documented it. The rest of them didn’t realy bother. Akashi did not stop her, however. Then again, this is Akashi, and Akashi thinks every piece of information is vital. So into the Notebook it went.

Type: Slow walker (?)
Companion: None/not in sight (?)
Physical appearance: Unclear, black cloak, wear from use, hair drenched red with presumably dried blood , half of its face seems to have been bitten off; covered in guts but all limbs are attached; might have been traveling to the Teikou refugee area when attacked judging by its supplies,
Special notes: none; doesn’t seem to have much awareness to its surroundings, possible enhanced physical strength and hearing; blind (judging by the way its walking); all traits when turned presented; easy kill.
Belongings: an empty backpack, supplies might have been sneaked away by survivals.

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The worst chore imo is washing up and my ma just said
“Do the washing up”
I said “but maaaa I did cook”
“Did I not give birth to you, don’t you have to do as I say?”
“Erm, do you want me to do the washing up then”

My mother even though being a non believer exploiting the Islamic rights of a Mother on me, Masha Allah 😂 may Allah bless her and guide her and all the non believer parents. Ameen.

Guess what I’m about to do?

Zutara and Taang. WHY NOT!?

So this Subjest has been bugging me for sime time.

I never had the time to watch TLOK but i’ve been reading that Aang was a bad father; and that he made  Tenzin his favorite. I could honestly see this happening. But I can understand,its one of his own kind; but still…

Why? because Katara always sugar coated things with Aang, she never wanted to hurt him, put pressure on his shoulders; she was the mother of the group. I guess this would be another reason to why I shipped Tanng instead of Kattang.

Can you imagine what Toph would have done? if Aang would have done that to her children. I can tell you what she would have done; she would have sent him six feet under. Avatar or no avatar; Toph does not play around.

Also I believe that Katara would have been able to help Zuko during his darker days; when he was rebuilding the fire nation and was walking down he wrong path. She would have been his safe haven and shoulder to lean on; she would have reminded him of who he truly was.

In the end I don’t know if I should be mad or angry or forgiving or grateful.
You really screwed up a part of my life and managed to make me believe that this is the best I can get,
That I’m supposed to be happy with it,
but I wasn’t, I was everything but happy.
And I’m mad because of the time you stole me
And I’m angry because you really fucked me up
And I’m trying to be forgiving because i want to believe that nothing of this was your intention
That you actually just wanted the best for me.
But in the back of my mind I can’t forgive you yet and I know it will take a lot more then just realization.
I get little flashbacks of you touching me
Of you still touching me even though I said no
Of you making me feel guilty
Of you making me believe that that’s what love is;
I guess the only thing I should be grateful for is that you showed me that I want to feel burning flames on my skin when the one that I love touches me
and I want to get drunk on the idea of spending the rest of my life with that person together
And that I dont want to settle for anything less because I’m worthy of so much more.
—  The only thing you taught me
FT 435+436 mainly GRUVIA thoughts...

So both chapters were out I think yesterday or the day before that. I gotta say, not the reunion I was waiting for. But let me show you my favorite cuts in 435.

So there’s Gajeel arresting everybody just because he became the law. Hahaha. And even arresting his little rain woman for being a puddle? I love their brotp so I love this moment! Plus no one really believed him when he said he was with the council. (You go hit him Erza!)

Again! I’m kind of looking forward for the angsty/serious apology. I guess Mashima just wanted to throw out a light/more fun atmosphere around the FT reunion. But I was expecting something like this:

That is so Juvia.

Or this…

Okay. That’s too far-fetched maybe. But I’m still waiting.

And this? Gray? Gray! What’s happening? Did Gray turn into a softie? hahaha.

Yes, a softie. Guess who’s work that is. *cough*JUVIA*cough*


What are you doing?




Yup! Those are my favorite parts. lol. And I guess we can see that FairyTail is coming to an END (No pun intended). Brace yourselves everybody. Chapter 436 is the bomb! It reveals a lot of mysteries surrounding Zeref and Natsu and I won’t be spoiling everyone. And I like the magic school idea! But you know I’m only here for Gruvia so I find it unnecessary to tackle things other than my babies so ciao for now! See you at the reunion. :)

P.S. I heard the Penalty Game will be turned into an OVA soon. And is it just me or the movie might just be the end-end? Well, let’s just hope for the best.

jennamacaroni replied to your post “more station eleven pleeeease :)”

second that request!

You’ve been staring at the arrivals floor for weeks.

Every time you hear mumbles and whispers of newcomers you perk up. You feel your heart race.

But then one day, one day it’s her.

Your eyes don’t believe what they’re seeing.

You blink once, twice.

You rub them. Don’t want to open them in case…

But then she starts talking and you almost lose balance with happiness.



You can’t believe she’s here, in your arms.

She looks ragged and weathered from walking, but so so beautiful.

More beautiful than you remembered.

Her cheeks are hollowed and tan. But her eyes.

Her eyes are still so blue.


They remind you of the sky.

How bright it looked that day from your airplane window.

On the plane that got grounded here from LA.

The plane that was supposed to bring you back to her.

Before the world collapsed.

“I didn’t think…” you can’t even get the words out before you’re crying.

Harsh and loud. Sobs.

They wrack your body.

And she holds you, she holds you, she holds you


You lead her back to your tent. Your little home.

You don’t want to stop looking at her, she’s just…

She’s everything.

You didn’t know how scary, how awful this world was.

It’s not something you were ready to face alone.

You’re lucky. You both are.

People stop you along the way. Smile and nod.

Happy for you that you’ve found each other.

But you see the haunted looks just behind their smiles.

The hollow sadness that once filled you.

Filled you until today. Until ten minutes ago.

You take her pack off her shoulders and sit her down.

You brush her hair off her face. Pull off her shoes.

Show her the clean water, hand her one of the few shirts you managed to hoard away for yourself.

She comes back with a small smile on her face.



You hand her a plate of food but she sets it aside.

“Aren’t you hungry, Britt? You look like you haven’t eaten in ages.”

“I am. But I just want to look at you first.”

And your heart, the one you thought was lost. Gone.

Your heart swoons

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how'd you start making films? I want to so bad but I don't know where to start, right now im just a person with a camera taking a lot of short fragment clips of my life that I think look good but I'd love to add a plot Etc. I just wanna make a movie wow! I LOVE your stills so far. seems so fun!!

i honestly believe that to start doing something you need to simply do just that - start it. i wanted to make movies for forever but aside from having no camera, no editting software etc i had no clue what so ever as to how to make a film. so i guess one day i decided that i could either a) continue to feel so powerless about that fact that i didnt have the skills nor the means to do the things i really wanted to in my life and continue to feel angry about the lack of opportunities in my life to learn or i could b) get over it and create those opportunities for myself and learn the skills.
so i started making films by making them. :)

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Omg I can't believe I missed it when you posted a pic of yourself. I love your work and you're my favourite blog and I just want to know if the beautiful mind behind all this art has a beautiful face (I bet you do :3). Will you post another pic anytime soon? <333

Fuwawawa…what the heck are ya saying (⸝⸝•́દ•̀⸝⸝) thank you though…///

I didn’t realize that anyone wanted to see my face…?? This is really surprising to me. I’m just a dumb posting on a blog lmao…but uh, I’ll leave this one up then…(bedhead 5ever rip me)

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:everyone tells me gem stuff's dangerous, I guess i didn't believe them. until now, dad always acted apprehensive, now he's really freaking out what do i do? i don't want that for you... everyone tells me life is precious on the planet earth and that means you and i have to protect you. what if somehow you get hurt what would i do? i don't want that for you... what am i going to tell you? you're better off not knowing the trouble i'm in. i don't want you to worry about what i've just seen about where i've just been. i don't want you to be a part of this i don't think i want you to be... you don't need this... you don't need me...

yOOOOOOO guess who has two thumbs and just got a new thing up on redbubble???


It’s also up on society6, partly because I am a firm believer in making stuff as easy for people to buy as possible (and therefore putting stuff in as many places as my customers might enjoy) but ALSO because they have things like clocks and shower curtains, and I do not know about you, but I personally cannot imagine what kind of person would not want this on a shower curtain.

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Hi. what is this rumour about big larry blog pretending to have insider knowledge? Is it true? I don't know what is going on with that, but if this is true it's just.. so fucked up. so, sooo fucked up. like i want to believe in Larry soo much & i admit that a lot of my believes are based on some big blogs saying stuff. i know this isn't right, but that's how it is for me and i'm sure for lot of other people. so can pleasee some of u explain to the rest of us what is going on, pleeease. xx

Can you please think for yourself? If somebody is claiming to have insider knowledge….. then they’re talking shit. And guess what? people talk shit on the internet all the time. The internet is fueled by lies and gullibility.

And it’s hardly like it’s all done by group A and not done by group B. The number of times that I’ve seen people go into a frenzy over ‘insider blogs’–of all flavors–makes me want to pluck my eyeballs out.

You have the responsibility to think for yourself. There comes a point where if you refuse to do that because you want somebody else to do all your thinking for you…. well, lying is a cooperative act, is it not?

For fuck’s sake you’re not a fucking puppet.