So tired of all these ignorant and arrogant boys from school who find the need to disrespect and insult anyone who doesn’t agree with them. That’s such bull shit. It’s disgusting and sickening that someone would threaten to physically beat someone because they’re beliefs don’t coincide and even more distasteful to tell someone to kill themselves for it.

Let me be the kind of woman you fear with her face titled to the sky but with feet staking claim on the ground where she stands.

Let me never falter in knowing that this space is mine—from the farthest reaches of the universe to the molten core of my heart to somewhere deep beneath tree roots. Let me not fear owning something so vast, let me not pawn away my home.

Let me be the kind of woman who is so in love with herself she never thinks twice about wearing her favorite dress.

Let me be one who sees no lines between femininity and masculinity.

Let me see the world like sliding scale of mostly gray. Let me love the colors I have not yet seen and feel them before I judge.

Let me know that I am human and it is okay to breathe like I am.

Give me the peace to know a day is not an eternity, that the wind blows fiercely for you when in need of a gentle push, that the sun never grows tired of shining down on us but pain grows tired of mourning eventually.

Give me wisdom to know that I’m different from everyone else because they are all different from me and you can’t have rainbows without every god-made color.

You can’t wish on stars if you’re always looking at the ground, so let me be the kind of woman who looks up, with her face titled to the sky but with feet staking claim on the ground where she stands.

—  Beliefs That I Would Like to Change Me: A Prayer // a.l.h. // 2/20/15
Our beliefs spring from a great variety of causes: what we were told in youth by parents and school-teachers, what powerful organisations tell us in order to make us act as they wish, what either embodies or allays our fears, what ministers to our self-esteem, and so on. Any one of these causes may happen to lead us to true beliefs, but is more likely to lead us in the opposite direction. Intellectual sobriety, therefore, will lead us to scrutinise our beliefs closely, with a view to discovering which of them there is any reason to believe true.
—  Bertrand Russell, Unpopular Essays

My dear Christians and Muslims, I love you, but let’s get one thing straight, just because I understand, respect, and appreciate your religious beliefs it does not mean I need to believe in them. Please stop asking me to look into “this” or “that”. I get it, I respect it and even appreciate it, I just don’t believe it, and life is incredibly wonderful for me this way.

The Warmest of Lights

How do you explain to someone your beliefs when all they can manage to do is listen with a raised, skeptical brow and pursed lips? Your words skitter upon the surface and rarely do they cause anything more than ripples. Instead, you are greeted with a plethora of questions; are you really a witch? do you, like, cast spells and stuff? why do you wear those funny hats? do you have weird magical names? etc. There never seems to be any substance to the question. I would be much more engaged if someone were to simply ask me, “what are your beliefs and how does it pertain to you and those around you?” because that seems like a valid, genuine question. 

As of now I live in an apartment with three other people (one of them is my fiance, one is a good friend, and the other is dating my good friend). Everyone believes in something different and it is hard for me to open up to them about what I believe in. They do not understand why I light candles or read up about Druidism. They do not understand why I have a “rock collection” or why I can spend hours shopping in a crystal, herb, etc. store. It makes me uncomfortable attempting to explain things to them when it appears like they do not truly care or think that I am wasting my time. 

They do not understand the way the wind seems to mirror your emotions. The way it can caress your cheeks or push against you as if it was challenging you. They do not understand the gentle hum of the forest in the summer or the silence of the winter. These things are not, necessarily, something that can be learned but something that is felt instinctively; a warmth in your heart that has no definition. 

anonymous asked:

So u just want to be part of cult right? Because mormonism is the furthest thing from being a christian, haha good luck in hell

People like you make me want to turn my anon on my questions off. dumb trolls, but I do wish to make this clear.




  1. a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

ALRIGHTY. Lemme break this down for you. A cult is literally any group of people that are dedicated to pretty much anything as long as it is religiously associated with something. And typically can be viewed by others as wrong. EVERY SINGLE RELIGION, could be considered a cult according to the Merriam-Webster definition. 




  1. of, relating to, or professing Christianity or its teachings.


  1. a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.

So in my opinion, any religion that believes in God, the holy spirit and Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, who came to Earth and sacrificed himself to save us from our sins. Is Christian. Simple as that.

Of course I will admit there are certain religions that I don’t know a whole lot about, so I don’t know if all “Christian religions” believe that. But to my knowledge they do. 

And if I’ve been doing my investigation correctly.. The LDS believe in that, they might believe in the Godhead, but so do other religions.

However. I believe that being Christian is so much more than just your beliefs but how you act. To me being Christian is being kind to all, being none judging to everyone, being accepting, and understanding, soft spoken but firm in your beliefs and attitudes, being modest in your words and actions, not being prideful, being truthful and being real and doing what is best not just for yourself, but for everyone around you, helping those in need and helping all those who need help. 

So know, when you say those things, it can create more and more stereotypes, and we don’t need anymore stereotypes. 


cobramonsterboy777 asked:

Hey, Ligaya! Is there a pinoy myth involving a snake as a twin? I thought I saw one such mentioned on this blog before.

It’s not really a myth but more of a belief. Among the Bisayans they believed that some people were born with a spiritual twin that took the form of a snake who was actually a deified ancestor, an umalagad. These people were thought to be extremely lucky and successful in life as the ancestor watched over them and made sure no harm would come to the child until they died and never left their side. The early Bisayans believed that crocodiles, lizards, and snakes were deified ancestors so they treated them with respect, hence why they are featured in a lot of tattoo and weaving motifs with not just the Bisayans but other ethnic groups as well. The twin however was believed mainly to be of a snake though. This is similar to the Hawa’ian aumakua belief of people having a deified ancestor taking the form of an animal (though they can take the form of plants and natural places and things) with the most common form is that of the shark.